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  1. IamNabil

    The FT Community picked a wing for my next plane. Here is what I ordered:

    Well, the votes came in, and the FliteTest community narrowly picked a wing over a SPAD stick. Not wanting to disappoint, I ordered a Titan from Crash Test Hobby, and the NTM 3530 Motor/ESC/Prop Combo from Plane Insane RC. I made a point to order both from CONUS companies so I wouldn't have to...
  2. B

    Landing gear on flying wings

    Hello everyone, Might sound a bit crazy but has anyone thought about or actually made a good set of landing gear for a flying wing? I am quite keen on installing some landing gear or retracts on my Zephyr II or future projects. Hand launching a 2.5kg flying wing isn't too much fun and it'd be...
  3. K

    Teksumo Speed fluttering

    So I've had the Teksumo for a while now but on the maiden flight I got some serious speed fluttering of the elevens which eventuates in the wing splitting itself apart down the middle, in midair. I repaired it and it flies but I just can go fast now otherwise it flutters again. In the FliteTest...
  4. J

    Combat Wing from Foam Board

    Hey I have always wanted a Zagi but there to much money. Are there others? Are they cheaper? Also I found this http://www.instructables.com/id/Duct-Tape-RC-Plane/ Any tips on this type of build? Is there an easier way to do this? I have the parts already bought but I want your input on this...
  5. Bigshow4u

    Home Made Hotwire WITHOUT using Nicrome wire.

    noticed there were no tutorials on how to make a hotwire so i decided to help out. Here is a video i made of mine. Enjoy!
  6. CrackerMcGillicuddy

    Big Flying Wing, Big Glider, Hammer 3D with Lights

    Here's a video I made on Tuesday when we had unusually nice weather in the Pennsylvania/Ohio area. It's my 8.5 foot wingspan Queen Bee flying wing and my 10.5 foot wingspan ASW-19 glider with motor pod (both planes powered by Turnigy) and my scratch-built Hammer 3D-2 (a bit different than the...
  7. C

    Balsa Flying Wing, help with power system !!!! ASAP

    Hey I'm making a balsa flying wing for a school project. I designed it on profili2 and sketchup and all is going well but, I'm not sure what power system / gear i should choose. The wingspan is 1.3m (about 51" inch), and i would prefer if i could by all the electronics from HK. I'm hoping to be...
  8. JimCR120

    Scratchbuilt Wing-

    Ok, after crashing the Funbat enough times that required more props than I now care to count (though the last crash was a selfless act of mercy to spare the untimely demise of a spankin' new P-40) and also having seen the Joshes flying the Swifts, the Sumo, and the Bonzai I have come to...