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  1. S

    Build my first one - FT Versa Wing, but it doesn't fly. Advice needed.

    Hi Guys, First of all. This is a really great community. I read some of the threads and articles after watching almost every FT video (and hearing half of all podcasts). I really really like the idea, which is embodied by Flitetest. I am nearlly new to RC and flown only 2 or 3 times with a HK...
  2. P

    Parkzone f27Q Stryker

    I have been flying my Q for almost 2 years now. But its pretty battered and I wanted to buy another one but sadly found out they have been discontinued. I would buy parts because they seem to be available but they seem to be going too. Has anyone found a good alternative to this plane...
  3. W

    Versa Wing Build

    I was wondering what would be a cheap controller that would work with the Option 1 setup for the versa wing? Any reply would be greatly appreciated thank you!
  4. R

    What would be a good airfoil for a FPV flying wing

    Hi everyone. I am designing a flying wing. It is going to be 1m wingspan and I'm thinking that eventually I will add a small FPV system and use to teach myself FPV. I have designed it to be similar to the raptor 100 which I saw in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W7Zz4YVEqM I'm...
  5. S

    Mini speedster wing mod question

    I have a question: If I were to glue a piece of posterboard across the bottom of the wing to cover the cavity and create a flat surface, would that increase the lift of the airfoil? I thinking I would only install it to the part where the wing turns up. Im looking for more lift at lower...
  6. D

    "The Towel" Brooklyn Aerodome

    I heard of "The Towel" (or to the Brooklyn areodomers, the Flack) wingplane a while ago in a MAKE issue, and I ordered some of the parts and am going to build it. Can you guys do a review, Or has anyone else built it and thinks it is awesome?
  7. A

    Show Suggestion - Annular / Ring Wing Build

    Your designs are great you already have a tremendous amount of variety. Would you consider doing an Annular Wing or Closed wing design (ring)? Here's a video of another person's design. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAlMRoof1vs What do you think? Are you up for the challenge? Keep up the...
  8. flyingdreamz

    FT Versa Wing Pusher CAD Files

    I created these files in order to cut out some combat Versas on a CNC cutting tool. I did change the design a little, like full span spars, new wing tips, and removal of the swappable pod. Please do not distribute. Only for personal use. Design rights remain with Josh Bixler and Flite Test.
  9. H

    Flying with the FT versa Wing

    Having fun on a nice day with my Depron FT versa Wing.
  10. T-Richard

    FPV40 kfm-4 v2 build log

    Inspired byt the recent clean fpv set-up flitetest video I decided to redo my fpv wing. I slapped together a Kfm-4 version of the fpv40 and was pleased with the results. However, a few things bothered me, First I just hotglued everything used minwax to paint it and kinda went quickly with...
  11. TehMaxwell

    Upgraded FT Versa Wing - I cannot believe my eyes!

    I have been wanting to upgrade the set-up on my Versa Wing for a while, on my original set-up (1600kv Motor, 8 by 4 Prop, 20Amp ESC, 1000mah 20c Battery) I was only getting five minutes maximum on flight times and had to fly at around three quarters throttle all the time. I used thicker 9mm Foam...
  12. H

    FT Duster First Attempt! Does This Wing Look OK?

    I started my FT Duster build yesterday and have just finished the wing. i was just wondering whether you guys think it looks OK? Thanks.
  13. JamesWhom

    Speedy Versa Wing - Build

    So if you were wondering where I had gotten to, I have been busy doing revision for upcoming exams (I know, it sucks right?); however, Ive managed to put a few hours this week into building a Versa Wing, and its almost done. Its got a pretty "beefy" motor too. 1450Kv. Too much? I built...
  14. ofiesens2

    Baby Blender wing dimensions

    Hi everyone, I'm an 8th grader, and our school science fair is coming up this year, and my plan is to make a conventional airfoil and a KF step airfoil and test them out to see which one generates more lift in a controlled environment. For my conventional airfoil, I plan to use the FT Baby...
  15. F

    Best Flying Wing

    Hey Everyone, I've been looking for a while for the best flying wing for a good price. I was leaning towards the Teksumo, but its battery compartment and servos are on the bottom. I also am looking at the Tuffwing. Any other suggestions? I DON'T like flying with rudders, so that is why I am...
  16. A

    Make a wing from the Bixler packaging

    Why not recycle the EPS packaging box. 3 big flat pieces can be cut from the Bixler packaging box, surely that can be used to make a flying wing. I'm going to give it a go anyway.
  17. knife-edge

    FT Versa Wing reverse power pod install

    I love the new swappable wing that Josh designed. In fact I like it so much that I want to get into fpv, but I don't want to mess with all my electronics and other stuff. They said on the review of the wing that mounting the pod on the bottom would not be a good idea, so I thought "why not just...
  18. B

    Scratchbuild: Cheveron pusher wing. Simple KFm3 w/plans

    Hi Guys. This is my first post on the forums! I designed this foamboard wing as a nice easy to fly stable platform with the potential for FPV. I like it a lot, but I wanted to put the plans up to see what you guys think. I'm fairly new to building planes and I'm on about the 3rd version of...
  19. F

    New build Skywalker X8 wing short trip to 2000ft with GoPro onboard.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lErlegOJ-M First flight with new Skywalker X8. Setup: Lawmate 1,2ghz 500mw vtx, inverted vee ant. Lawmate vrx, Biquad ant. Dragonlink uhf. Eagletree OSD system. Eagleeyes groundstation+ ant. tracking. Gopro HD2.
  20. R

    How to hold bixler/sky surfer wings together?

    I own a sky surfer and after a few flights the wings become loose and i dont want to glue them as then it would not fit in my car.so does anybody know some options of a removable wind design? Please also post any pictures if possible. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks