1. eagle4

    TBRC Wings is having a massive Post Christmas sale! TBRC60 and Reflex38

    Hey gang, I'm here to let you know that TBRC Wings is having a massive sale for 1 week only The TBRC60 has been featured on a flitetest episode when they were flying in France. It's an amazingly stable plane with great slow speed and high speed characterFishSticks. The TBRC...
  2. D

    Multi-part wings - strengthening query for 2M Sailplane (SIG Riser Replicant)

    Hello Everybody, My name is Martin, and and I am based in Auckland, New Zealand. I am self-confessed 'slope trash' in that I fly gliders almost exclusively (the exclusion being a HK Spitfire Mk. 24), and slope gliders in exclusion to almost everything else. In Auckland we are very lucky in...
  3. Snarls

    FPV Blunt Nose Versa - My Return to Planes

    Yesterday I was flying at the field and after filming I decided to use my 2200mAh packs for some leisurely cruising because lately my miniquad has been stressing me out. It was really relaxing and for some time I forgot that I was sitting next to my car, rather than floating around in the field...
  4. FoamieNinja

    The Striker Platform:

    Hey guys, I decided to follow through with the tradition of making a first post about my striker platform... I wrote an article, but for some reason, it's still waiting to be approved... ---------------------- ( Quick notice: This post may be excessively long, as I have a large amount of...
  5. C

    For Sale- 1.2/1.3 ghz gear (transmitter, receiver, and an assortment of antennas)

    I purchased this 1.3 gear in hopes of doing more with it. I now fly my 250 racer as a primary and cant use this gear. All has only been used a couple flights and no crashes, all in working order and great condition. All purchased from ReadyMadeRC. Shipping is included and will be willing to part...
  6. T-Richard

    Manta Ray Scratch Built RC airplane

    This gem of a plane is not made by me but, rather my uncle who I am so glad I got into the hobby It's a pretty big plane made of elmer's foamboard covered with clear packing tape, after the maiden we increased the throws, the size of the vertical fins, made a scoop for cooling the ESC and...
  7. JimHSoars

    Balsa Building Series Suggestion

    Hi guys, How about a show including applying balsa sheeting. I always shy away from building balsa wings that require balsa sheeting to make the very strong 'D' tube or other things like fuselages. Please put in a bit on how to glue balsa sheet on to both the top and bottom of a wing. I...
  8. jaskoller

    Simple Storch Wing not flat on Bottom

    Building my Simple Storch Wing tonight and I messed up. The bottom of my wing is not flat, it curves up at the last grove before the leading edge. I have built the bloody wonder, the Simple Soarer, a blunt nose Versa, and a Spit and never had an issue until tonight. Should I scrap the wing...
  9. Rockonmyfriend

    17" Delta Flying Wing, Using Mostly UM Stryker Internals

    First of all, let me say there wasn't any planning ahead that went into this build... First thing I did was fold the airfoil, and it kinda went straight to improv, meaning hacking away foam with the Xacto knife. Story: I used to own a Parkzone Ultra Micro Stryker... I used to, I crashed it...
  10. T

    Building a FT Versa Wing

    Hello Everybody, I am brand new to the hobby and have decided that I would like to build a FT Versa Wing (I would purchase the FliteTest kit of course). But I need to know every piece of electronics I would need( I don't even have a transmitter). I have a list here so if you could add or...
  11. C

    Camera mounting techniques and camera angles for FPV camera and Go Pro, Mobius etc

    The short story about how to mount cameras: To make a long story short a few general principles of mounting cameras that i learned from FPVing most of the 9 planes and 2 quads i got: 1. Mount the FPV camera forward and looking down a bit (gives you a much more enjoyable FPV experiance on...
  12. S

    Build my first one - FT Versa Wing, but it doesn't fly. Advice needed.

    Hi Guys, First of all. This is a really great community. I read some of the threads and articles after watching almost every FT video (and hearing half of all podcasts). I really really like the idea, which is embodied by Flitetest. I am nearlly new to RC and flown only 2 or 3 times with a HK...
  13. P

    Parkzone f27Q Stryker

    I have been flying my Q for almost 2 years now. But its pretty battered and I wanted to buy another one but sadly found out they have been discontinued. I would buy parts because they seem to be available but they seem to be going too. Has anyone found a good alternative to this plane...
  14. W

    Versa Wing Build

    I was wondering what would be a cheap controller that would work with the Option 1 setup for the versa wing? Any reply would be greatly appreciated thank you!
  15. R

    What would be a good airfoil for a FPV flying wing

    Hi everyone. I am designing a flying wing. It is going to be 1m wingspan and I'm thinking that eventually I will add a small FPV system and use to teach myself FPV. I have designed it to be similar to the raptor 100 which I saw in this video I'm...
  16. S

    Mini speedster wing mod question

    I have a question: If I were to glue a piece of posterboard across the bottom of the wing to cover the cavity and create a flat surface, would that increase the lift of the airfoil? I thinking I would only install it to the part where the wing turns up. Im looking for more lift at lower...
  17. D

    "The Towel" Brooklyn Aerodome

    I heard of "The Towel" (or to the Brooklyn areodomers, the Flack) wingplane a while ago in a MAKE issue, and I ordered some of the parts and am going to build it. Can you guys do a review, Or has anyone else built it and thinks it is awesome?
  18. A

    Show Suggestion - Annular / Ring Wing Build

    Your designs are great you already have a tremendous amount of variety. Would you consider doing an Annular Wing or Closed wing design (ring)? Here's a video of another person's design. What do you think? Are you up for the challenge? Keep up the...
  19. flyingdreamz

    FT Versa Wing Pusher CAD Files

    I created these files in order to cut out some combat Versas on a CNC cutting tool. I did change the design a little, like full span spars, new wing tips, and removal of the swappable pod. Please do not distribute. Only for personal use. Design rights remain with Josh Bixler and Flite Test.
  20. H

    Flying with the FT versa Wing

    Having fun on a nice day with my Depron FT versa Wing.