1. S

    Newbie - questions before starting APM wing for research

    Hi, I last helped build an RC plane >30 years ago and also did a few free flight balsa/tissue jobs plus some control line planes. Fast Forward a few decades: I am interested in doing some ecological work and am looking to start cheap while I learn. I can design and build a foam wing plane...
  2. Y

    I need help with wing measurements.

    Hello! I have just recalculated my trainer and it will be 900 grams. To be safe, the wings will be 175 dm^2. I want to have an aspect ratio of ten, so 10x^2 will equal 131.25 dm^2. When I do the math, the wings are ridiculously large for no reason. How do you calculate the wing sizes from a base...
  3. A

    Flite test versa wing (small version).

    Hi, My name is Anshu Raj. I'm from india. I have just started with RC hobby airplanes. As my starting model RC plane I have decided to build Flite Test Versa Wing. But, due to a lot of reasons I am unable to build the exact Wing.(Size wise) So, I have reduced the size of the Versa wing plans...
  4. FlyMax

    First Balsa Plan Build FlyingWing Glider CO7

    These are the dimensions of the CO7 FlyingWing glider that I used to scratch build my very first balsa plane, the plans are found here: If you have any questions about this model or want help to build one yourself, hit me up! :D The airfoil was...
  5. F

    Hello and quick question

    Hello all, first post here. Been looking around a lot and would like to do a scratch build of the FT Spear. Question: I have a Emax 1470kv motor and some 8X4 props. Can these be used with the Spear? Thanks for any feedback or opinions. Hope to most more around here as I get some projects going.
  6. blackmetaldash

    Budget-scratchbuilt a wing WITHOUT prior RC build experience! (Maiden soon!)

    Budget-scratchbuilt a wing WITHOUT prior RC build experience! Hello folks! I'm glad to let you all know I have this lovely project in the making. Now you'll be wondering why I picked this title, but I'm serious when I said I don't have any experience in physical RC aircraft building. I always...
  7. PaiRaN

    Micro Trond Project Willi

    We have had lots of fun building this little Micro FPV49 inspired wing. A Series of 6+ Videos showing, what it is capable of :) AUW is about 350g including FPV, Action cam, Lipo and all the other electronics Ah, and there are english subtitles for the german parts spoken in Episode one :)
  8. M

    Ho do you get the CG on a delta wing?

    I am wondering the best way to get the CG on a delta wing or any swept back flying wing? I know how to get the CG on a straight wing, trainer etc. On a straight wing I usually go one third of the cord from the leading edge and that seems to work fine. Would I do the same with a delta wing...
  9. elias-b

    Setting up a Hobbyking Bonsai Wing

    I'm about to buy a hobbyking bonsai wing and want to make it FPV, however I'm not sure how to hook up the FPV equipment. I will be using the Eachine 1000TVL camera and the Eachine tx526 transmitter however I don't know where to plug these into power. I have heard you need a step down converter...
  10. L

    Mini flying wing

    Hi all, I was considering building an ultra micro flying wing and had a few questions. First off, how do you get an ESC that is not built into the receiver and does not cost 60$ like the one from HH. Second question, I saw that all the UMX motor use gearboxes, is this necessary? does it effect...
  11. S

    My FT Spear

    This was my first foamboard FT build (I have an electrohub copter awaiting completion), and so my technique isn't as polished as J. Bixler, but I managed to get it built, in only twice the estimated time! :) I took her out on her maiden today, still need a little tuning. I set my rate a bit low...
  12. 1

    College Solar Plane Project

    I am proposing a college project to build a flying wing from foamboard that will carry solar cells and possibly supercapacitors to augment the use of a smaller flight battery. Initial ideas are based on this project: Even though this wing flies well, I...
  13. D

    would versa wing fly with this engine?

    Hello guys, im new and just want to know if versa wing would fly with this motor. DYS BX1306 2300kv. Thanks
  14. agentkbl


    so i heve never flown an rc airplane before, but i have flown a real airplane before. (cessna skyhawk 172 call tag 56r) i am planning to get the ft arrow to learn on, with a dx-6 transmitter and a pack for power. what kind of reciever do i want to use? is there a size or weight issue with using...
  15. FoamyDM

    Dragonfly V1 Alpha Launch

    I have always been fascinated Hayao Miyazaki, whose love and fascination with flight and flying show through in his many inspiring works. I've been interested in building a flying platform similar to dragonfly or this Dragonfly-winged chariot-style craft. With research it seem possible. Someone...
  16. C

    Hey everyone! My first FPV wing design: Any tips?

    Hey guys, I've been watching Flite test for a long long time now and have ALWAYS wanted to try design one of my own planes out of the materials they use. I've come up with this: This is called the CV-18 and is my first original design. It is meant to be the platform to get me into FPV...
  17. E

    system compatibility

    I'm looking to build a ft versa wing as a pusher, but need help determining whether or not my prop, motor and esc, would be compatible with a battery i want to use. I’m going to use: 8x6 prop EMAX GT2215 1100KV MOTOR: BLHELI SERIES 30A ESC...
  18. eagle4

    It's competition time - Win a TBRC Reflex38

    Hey gang, It's competition time again. we're giving away a TBRC Reflex38 wing to one lucky person. All you have to do to enter is go to this link, comment on this photo and tag your friend in your comment and you're automatically entered into the draw...
  19. SmilingDevil

    FT Kraken, separable :The Hessian Ridgeback

    FT Kraken, Sepia-separable :The Hessian Ridgeback Hi Everyone, I've fallen in Love with the Kraken on first sight, but it's wingspan was going to be a storage and transportation problem for me, so before getting into ordering I put my mind into making this thing separable. (just in case...
  20. D

    FT Mini Arrow

    The upcoming FT Mini Arrow (FT Store link)is one cool looking little wing! To me, it looks a lot like the Experimental Airlines Synapse. Links: Free plans Intro video Build video