Are People intrested in sub 250g planes and if so what type(s) of sub 250g plans are people intrested in?

What is the intrest level in sub 250g designs?

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I would love a tiny indoor 3D plane, similar to the foam Yak54's that were popular 5ish years ago
I am attempting to start building stuff like that. Tiny 3d plane is on the lost. They should only cost ~45 dollar for a basic 3ch model. Progress is halted but should start up again in the next few months.


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I'm always looking for and building sub 250 planes. I would love to see a canard plane like you said. An x29? Or a gripen? I've designed a few. Shrunken a few and bought a couple now. Someday I'll post some plans for some of this stuff. But I'm excited to see what you come up with.
The avro Arrow pictured here is closest to publishing plans for. Currently being turned into am edf.


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