Coming in at 198.6 grams........


MM PT-17 Stearman (Version 1.5)

Okay, I finally got the plans built Stearman test flown today. After dodging a thunderstorm , the weather turned out nice. I am really pleased with how well it went. It flies well at a good clip, but can really slow down for some nice fly-bys.

Plans are posted on the first post.

Wingspan = 24"
Power pack = F
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Yeah, that's how it goes with these old biplanes. You need to drop in a bigger motor or add a bunch of weight if you're not really careful on the tail design.

Also consider adding landing gear. It's a good way to get a bit more weight out in front of the CG.

I added landing gear and 1/2 inch to the front of the fuselage and still had to add 3/4 oz of weight inside the nose ( under the front poster board ) , but I'm okay with that..... It flies very well.