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I'm going to start this post by stating the following:


I made the EZ Hornet as I absolutely love that little plane. It's the best chuck glider (doesn't need any added noseweight to balance and flies awesomely upside down too) and converts perfectly with the EZ pack for a lovely floatly experience.

Not so much on the v2 EZ Pack... That plane is a MONSTER (in a good way)!
On the absolute minimum throttle, it maintained level flight, and on full throttle, was a speed-demon (as much as an EZ pack can get) with instant acceleration and oodles of power. I honesly haven't had so much fun as I have with the EZ Pack since the days of the 3-channel variation.


In the meantime, I might look into some alternate props for forward facing engines (like my Bronco and EZ SParrow), but man-oh-man, do the new motors pack a punch.

Nice job, @flitetest! Maybe just slap a FT decal onto the v2 Transmitter for future orders...
v2 Transmitter Decal.png PXL_20230516_011719188.jpg
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I bought my son an EZ Pack v1 last year at FF and it just has zero power. I built that exact same model you did and we couldn't turn it. It would struggle to gain altitude and as soon as we turned it would drop. I might have to take a second look into this v2. Hopefully they have plenty of these in stock at FF this year.


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So after the success of the EZ Hornet, I have worked some more and now have what I term the UnEZ F18.

All up weight with battery comes in at 46g, so that's still acceptable by v1 standards, so we'll see how this fairs on the v2 EZ pack.

Will maiden on a non-windy day so that I have less chance of immediately destroying 5+ hours of work...
PXL_20230524_154520876.jpg PXL_20230524_154458285.jpg PXL_20230524_154439493.jpg PXL_20230524_154433341.jpg PXL_20230524_154427273.jpg PXL_20230524_154420299.jpg

If she flies, then I'll possibly throw a Canada 150 livery on.


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She flew, so I added a whack-load of acrylic paint, because I like doing silly things, and low-and-behold, the thing still took off. She now flies like a V1 EZ-Pack plane now, maybe with a touch more power, but I'm still happy with that. With all the added weight, getting her airborne was an achievement in itself :)
Un-EZ F18 (Canada 150) - Maiden.gif

I'm not planning on flying this one other than on exceptionally calm days or if I ever get to fly in a huge indoor area.

PXL_20230528_235904936.jpg PXL_20230528_235859995.jpg PXL_20230528_235854046.jpg PXL_20230528_235856807.jpg

It's totally bizarre that I have an EZ plane that I have placed actual value on. But hey, it looks so pretty!

I also have another v2 EZ pack to play and experiment on, as well as a few other v1's that I'll carry on making versions of the Bronco, Sparrow or new designs with.

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