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First Balsa Build: Willy Nillies JR. Skylark

Haha yeah I figured I couldn’t be the only one. Doug I am really loving the build experience. It’s amazing the confidence I have as I fit and glue pieces now.
Thanks for developing these awesome kits!
Been there done that. :eek: The first wing half was so much fun you can't wait to do it again ... exactly the same! Second the acetone and nail polish remover contains acetone if you need some quick.
Got some good progress tonight.
Wing is constructed and glued together. I know the geometry is slightly off but hey it’s my first of many builds. There is room for improvement!

I also started covering the fuse. Imperfect like everything on this build but I love the contrast of white and green. I think it will look pretty sharp 20 feet in the air ;)

Thanks for the support everyone. Hoping to finish her up next week!



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That looks much less bad than my first balsa build I ever did for sure.

I believe the Skylark kit, like the eaglet, has little supports that fit in the holes in the fuselage sides. They go next to the supports for the fuselage stringers that are placed about at the midpoint of each hole. Here's a really early photo of my eaglet with one of the pieces installed in the rear hole:


I'm pretty sure they don't really do much of anything structurally, they're just there to help the covering look nicer.


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Hey could I get a picture of the main landing gear mounted in the Skylark or something similar. I’m having trouble understanding the diagram PDF. Thanks!
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of my gear being assembled. Basically you will have two split half ribs that hold the gear wire in place against the main rib and it's sandwiched with a complete outer half rib. The .500" bend at the top of the gear will rest against the leading edge. I'd suggest soaking all of the balsa pieces with thin CA after assembly just to harden them a bit. I hope it makes some sense. I'll include an assembled picture of mine but likely won't show you much.