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FliteTest in Phoenix RC (Model Index)


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A friend built me a wireless dongle by adding a receiver to a Banggood wired Phoenix dongle.
There are also wireless ones available from various sources, but I've not personally tried them.
Please post success if you find a wireless one that works. Thanks, rick

PS: I also have a WS1000 Spektrum dongle which I use with AccuRC. Not Phoenix compatible, of course.
From reading up it seems having the Phoenix dongle is for the software part and the dongle for the dx is something different so should both work. I hope lol


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From reading up it seems having the Phoenix dongle is for the software part and the dongle for the dx is something different so should both work. I hope lol
Easiest approach is to use wired dongle from Banggood - that will get you flying in Phoenix while you explore wireless options.


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Is there a way to download these and get them imported to ClearView FS??
Hi Jimmy,

Interesting question which prompted me to take a look at the ClearView FS site.
No direct way to import Phoenix models, but it is possible to get them there with a little help from a ClearView FS model developer.
What you'd need to do is recruit one of the folks listed under the User Models tab and ask for their help.
I'd be happy to provide them with any of the Phoenix FlightTest 3D models I've created, which is the starting point.
It would then be relatively easy for them to get that 3D model flying in ClearView.

The three attached screenshots from the 3D editor Blender illustrate what I'm talking about.
The orange "wireframe" is the unpainted 3D model with the image beside it being the "paint".
The last image is my finished Blender model which I then imported into Phoenix.
Let me know if you find a ClearView developer willing to help, and I'll give them any of my 3D models.

Cheers, rick
FT Mustang WIREFRAME TWO.png Mini Mustang Paint.png FT Mustang PERSPECTIVE.png
Thank you Rick. I certainly will be joining your thread and group.

I flew in SAM competition for nearly ten years in the 1980's. I hardly ever missed a meet on the West Coast, NV and AZ. I was president of SAM 49 in SO Cal for a few years. I was president of the first AMA recognized Special Interest Group for Electric Power in the early 1980's called SEAM. If you look in the dictionary under "obsessive compulsive" you should see my photo. My van or station wagon was filled with Old Timers at every event I attended. I miss those days, my friends & flying in competition very much.
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Remember those days well

Ich benutze Phoenix 5.5g mit dem Dongle. Es funktioniert, aber ich muss es jedes Mal neu einrichten, wenn ich es starte, als würde ich es das erste Mal verwenden. Es wird nichts gespeichert und ich muss die gesamte Kalibrierung und Einstellungen erneut durchführen.

Any ideas?
Thanks a lot for the link. I reinstalled it before trying the update. Unfortunately I cannot start not start it anymore now. Therefore I deleted everything and tried to install the version from the Feiying all in 1 CD I had and do the update from there. But this one does not start as well. It says the launcher would not work. Any ideas how I can get it running again?


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That is most unfortunate.
But maybe a good thing as you can now start fresh with known good files from this link.
Install v5.5, and then apply the upgrades until you end up with v5.5.l.

And please let me know how that turns out. Regards, rick
I managed to install it from the link you posted and updated to 5.5l. It worked out, it is starting again 👍🙂 Thank's a lot.

Only the old problem remains. I have to set it up from scratch every time I start it.

But I am glad to get it running after all.

Do have a link for all the new models that also works out that well? If they will also be gone any time I restart that won't make too much sense of course.
Looks like it's running properly now. It actually started without having to set it up from scratch and I even managed to set up a few switches🙂. Don't know exactly what I did. Maybe it had something to do with my anti virus software or maybe my PC just had to get used to it😅.
Thanks a lot👍. It's great fun
If you're still taking requests.... would like to try out that Flite Test P-38 Master Series before building. :)

This is all great stuff; thanks for doing it.