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FT P-47 Thunderbolt 1.0


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Hi there, I have just started working on my scratch p-47 with some ambitious plans like having both ailerons, flaps and retracts :)

I bought those cheap ebay retracts and landing gear legs and decided do model and 3d print mounts for them.
I want them placed as forward as possible and angled, heading little more before CoG, when landing gear is down.
So far, it looks like no additional changes to the model will be needed (except of cutting a proper hole for the gear and mount.
Mount will fit in between those wooden bars that wil also serve as a support for mount struct and will be nicely hidden in a wing with no parts visible out of the wing .

I am only a little bit sad that I need to use quiet small wheels, they will probably not look so cool and scale.
Still, if I cut through that foam bar, made a bigger hole, maybe I could youse at least half inch bigger wheel.

I could provide both openSCAD and STL plans if anyone interested, i believe those mounts could be useful for all different kinds of FT models :)
Have you tested you landing gear? I attempted but failed...see post #78 in this thread

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Here’s my P47 .....a few more finishing touches (decals & mount the canopy) and then it’s ready for the maiden crash😳
My modifications:
1) canopy is moulded fron Petg ..my first attempt at form moulding
2) the wing leading edge and tips are finished with a 3d printed edge in hopes to protect them from damage in transport and landing
3) all trailing edge on wing, elevator, rudder and ailerons have a balsa strip
4) I originally had retractable landing gear and tail gear, but ended up removing/cutting them out as they where to far back on the wing.
5) the wing is removable. I implemented a wedge on the front with a nylon bolt at the back of the wing to secure it in place.
Very sharp looking build. Congratulations! 👍


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Very nice!! Where are you getting the decals? I think I am going with the Silver scheme.

Silver is nice to....here’s one of my MiniaRC Mighty Mini P47 with silver scheme


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I think I've found a couple issues with the cut files on the P-47.
First is the battery box. The edge that glues on last is too tall. This makes the box somewhat out of square, and the formers won't fit over it correctly.
Second is the thin strip fuselage section that goes behind the cowl flaps. It ends up being too small. And, the #3 former won't go into it without crushing.

I just put together mine from FF2021 and it still has the same problem with the fuselage section. Everything else was good though.


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Does anyone know where I might be able to get vinyl canopy for the Razorback canopy? It is not in the FT Store at this point.


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Do you have a file to print for the checkboard nose area? Yours looks fantastic, and I was looking at hand-painting that, and I have a feeling it would be an awfully tedious job.
Is used 6mm tape to create the checkered pattern. Then I used a spray gun and painted the taped area white. After drying I removed the tape and repeated the process by covering the white checkers and sprayed black.
This is the tape I used.