*Unofficial* FT P-47 Thunderbolt

Thanks! I think you're going to enjoy the build. You've probably seen the negative reviews of the build video, but I didn't see any issues. I added the detachable wing mod, balsa reinforcement in the center of the fuselage, and a wooden dowel in the leading wing edge- recommend them for anyone building this model. Hat tip to Cabmantim (again) for the cool mod ideas from his Youtube video.
Where are you guys getting the magnets for these? I built my Corsair with neodymium magnets I found around my house. But for the p-47 I wanted it to be a much cleaner build so no random lumps in the wing cover 😅


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Can you tell me where you got the decals, Please?

Callie Graphics is great for decals. They add to the overall cost, but I think its worth it. They can cover a multitude of building errors and allow you to personalize your plane.


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Just tickling this thread with a new P-47D bubbletop from an extra kit that has been sitting on my shelf for 2 years. A glamour shot or two before it gets torn up through my crappy piloting: it's my take on "No Guts, No Glory." Now, Robert Johnson's "Lucky" (2+ years old and still flying great) has a squadron mate.


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