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Great Planes PT Electric/Need advice on Modification!

Nothing left to do but mount a servo for steering and run the golden rod to the gear. And that's where I ended up. I'll finish her next weekend.


Fair. I put in a 3s 2200mah battery and she was about a half inch aft. Will try a bigger battery when I get the chance. Prop will help a little also.
Finally finished the PT Electric. For the nose gear, I opted out of the golden rod and used piano wire bent in a Z shape. This process was very hard to reach with sausage fingers. Even with a heavier battery the plane remained tail heavy by half an inch. I added a prop spinner and another quarter oz. behind the firewall. All balanced now. Glued in three sticks in an H configuration for rubber banding the esc and added a Velcro strap for the battery. All seems secure. Now waiting for time off to coincide with a good flying day. I have a FT Scout and this plane that need a maiden.