Heinkel plane 2021 challenge

Do you think good this is a idea?

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Still working out the viability of an EDF He 178.
I have started to 'fine line' one of the 3 view drawings.
This side view indicates the problem.

Keeping to true scale the duct will be small and long compared to the rest of the airframe.
If the inlet is sized to 50 mm even those stubby wings would have just over 1M span! Compared to the EDF the fuselage would be enormous.
It would have to be ever so light to stand a chance of flying even on a good 50 mm EDF.
I have my doubts or do I just cheat a bit on scale. particularly with the size of the inlet!

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Cool, i have scrapped the He-176 and i have chosen to do the HE-p.1078a with a 74mm edf, i dont have an edf so i have made a 74mm ducted prop. I don’t know how it will fair however it puts out quite a-lot of thrust. I am not home for this week (away on holiday however i have got the fuselage plans done. Now it is just onto prototypes and testing to see if it will fly.

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Fly harder!
This is a fun challenge is to design any Heinkel plane,

The goal is to design a Heinkel Plane, that flies great and looks great.;)

here are some pics of some of the Heinkel planes
Starts 18th August
End 18th October

there is no prizes just a fun challenge, except for bragging rights (or if someone wants to donate a prize)

There are basically no rule except for designing a Heinkel plane, submitting plans, and creating a build thread.

Go as scale or as crazy as you want, but most importantly have fun.;)

here is a link that will help you pick a plane
My favorite is the heinkel he 112

Updated rules:

-Build must be reasonably repeatable (complete balsa, fiber glass, or carbon fiber builds are not allowed, but these items may be used in the construction of the planes) Hotwire, 3d printed, foam board builds are all allowed. P.S. please suggest any i've missed

- Plans/videos/instructional guides should theoretically be provided. (the more actual plans the better)

- No limit on size. (wingspan, etc)

- No limit on power system.

- No limit on amount of motors, except the plane must have 1 or more (no gliders).

- no limit to features

- If possible maiden footage should be included

- Build thread must be made

- participants are allowed to work together (ie: one designs and one builds)


- Please suggest additional rules.........

Determining the winner:

determined based off of stats by builder/pilot and community decisions.

#1: does it fly? 5 points. if not 0 points.

#2: Ease of build? 1-10 points.

#3: In air handling? 1-10 points.

#4: Scaleness? (compared to actual aircraft) 1-10 points.

#5: Stall speed? 1-10 points. lower stall the better

#6: Flight Envelope? 1-5 points. 5 for slowing down to a crawl, and also being able to travel fairly fast.


I’m in, I’ll be building the Heinkel 111. My plan is to make it a twin F pack an it’ll fly off a 1300 3s. I’ll be making it a mix between master series and simple boxy style.


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I wrapped up my Extra yesterday, and cut my parts for this challenge. I expect it to be a fairly quick build so you will be seeing some posts very soon