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HK Super Mini Quadcopter_ Build Log


How many letters do we ge
<jaw drops> What a cool house. You definitely need a set of floats for a solo pro 100 for the pool!

The HK super mini quad will be a bit big for the living room. Hover around, yes. Fly around, no. Same with the mCPx/ solo pro.
thanks, my father is a engineer/contractor and he designed it (his company), feel free to drop by anytime and we can have a barbecue-pool-party-lunch :D

I definitely want to fly a quad on the garden, so im waiting for your conclusion - many thanks for being such a good blogger :D

Im sticking with the HK-190, research for a quad project AND a 450 project (any 3d heli)


How many letters do we ge
Thanks KK, next time I'm in Rio :confused: I'll take you up on that offer.

Back on topic, time to connect everything up.

After double checking that the ESC provides 5V (6V is a no no) I plugged the ESC cables in. However only one of the cables requires the red (positive) lead to power the board.

So I removed the positive lead from three of the ESCs (doesn't matter which ones).

First separate the individual wires about 15mm or so back from the plug. Then a very fine flat screwdriver is inserted to lift the plastic tab holding the pin in place.


With tab slipped up, carefully pull the positive wire out.


Wire is out. Slip a bit of heatshrink over each pin individually, to prevent shorting out.



How many letters do we ge
This step deserves its own post. Here I have photographed the correct orientation of the connection cables. While checking this step I found a load of erroneous photos (including one under the files tab on the HK website!).

So here it is. This is a Hobbyking V2 board connected to ESCs and a Spektrum receiver (incidentally, the older AR6100, not E, fits perfectly against the arm of the quad nestled among the top and bottom plates!).


The photo above shows the ESCs plugged in. Note the heat shrinked positive wires on three of the four ESCs as described in the last post. M1 through to M4 are numbered on the board, correspond these with the motors as per your chosen program. Note also the negative (black/brown) wire is closest the edge of the board.


And the photo above shows the correct orientation of the receiver connection pins. Note the negative (black/brown) wires are closest to the edge of the board again.

It is possible to power the receiver with only one cable and use another cable across the signal wires only if the order of channels correspond!

The spektrum receiver channel order is different to the channel order on the board, so I went with individual cables.


How many letters do we ge
Yeah, it is. When I do the baby quad (Windestal mini quad) I plan on doing that with a stripped connection lead with heat-shrink over the pins to prevent connection.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
I have a Spektrum receiver(orange rx) and still went with 2 cables. One powering the receiver and the other one I modded a little. You gotta be really careful though. I kinda did what you did again. I changed the middle one with one of the outer ones, so each signal wire was going to the right port in the receiver.

To not mess it up, just plug the one end of the wire into the board and then look each colored wire has to go to which port.
You gotta watch out though because this wire is individual and can not be used in any other way, then once connected. So always keep an eye one it and rather go through the colours again instead of flying with ail on elev or something like that.


How many letters do we ge
Good plan there Ananas.

The quad has had its motor designations changed to suit the 4.7 software. The correct designation is:

Motor 1: front left, CW
Motor 2: back left, CCW
Motor 3: Front right, CCW
Motor 4: Back right, CW

So what I marked M1 is still at M1.
What I marked M4 is now M2.
What I marked M2 is now M3.
What I marked M3 is now M4.

Confused? Me too.

For an orientation measure I've given the quad a Gaui style ping pong ball. The rod is 1mm carbon and the ball is from the training gear which came off my GWS Dragonfly years ago. A bit of hot glue keeps it in place and the rod jams simply through the holes.


Velcro battery retention also in place. And a generous friend answered the call and dropped some 6030 props in my letterbox today.


All coming together. Just need to follow the recommended 4.7 starting setup which is as follows:

Suggested initial setup:

P pot at 50%

I pot at 0% (it can be left at 0% since it does not have a secondary function.

Yaw P pot at 50%

Trim it level.

Adjust P (roll/pitch) to your liking.

Add I until it flies straight forward without pitching up

Almost there!


How many letters do we ge
Then I would really look like a Gaui wannabe!

Batteries have had deans connected just now (I've never been one for XT60s).


How many letters do we ge
Sorry gents - fiddling with settings. Not fly-worthy yet.
'Fiddling with settings' is a euphemism for 'why does this thing not do what its supposed to?'. During propless bench tests it was acting like a + copter so I was thinking the ESC ranges hadn't been set properly. Of course it hadn't been programmed properly!

I've just reflashed the board with 'X' config 4.7 which should fix things up but I won't be able to do the setup until tonight. Wifey is out with kid A so the remaining offspring and I are at home. They are interested enough in reflashing atmel chips but there could be injuries with spinning motors, even without props!

Better go fix lunch.


How many letters do we ge
Having a terrible time getting this thing to go. It reaches a death wobble before leaving the ground. I've tried KK4.7 and 2.5. All the motors spin the right way and all the gyros compensate the right way. I suspect its all in the timing of these cheap ESCs (which can't be adjusted!).


I ordered these particular ESCs as they were recommended on the order page. I now notice they are no longer recommended.



How many letters do we ge
It could be that the throttle endpoints need calibrating... Give that a try
Have done so, twice. Though I'm not sure they can be calibrated. I tried the classic full throt, power on, tune, low throt.

Lesson is never skimp on ESCs on multi-rotors. Now I'm looking at $40 more for what was a sub $100 quad project.