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lasercut tricopter middle sections


Rotor Riot!
If you can provide more cut items we can add a Paypal "purchase now" section to my page

KoekieMonster - send me a pm with info if you want me to add that.
I think that would be a bit offensive to David, as he is selling those too... Just saying...
Does he sells his own designs or does he sells the modified versions?

I don't think he minds - I can ask him if you want me to.



Rotor Riot!
Does he sells his own designs or does he sells the modified versions?

I don't think he minds - I can ask him if you want me to.

If you can ask him like that (phone? chat?) just ask him if he has seen it. He hasn't been able to answer my emails yet.

I don't like the idea of the Purchase button. That makes it like a business. When KoekieMonster offers us lasercut frames, he's doing it as a service. Charging the slightest bit for personal stuff (not machine usage, transport, postage) would be against RCExplorer's terms of use.

I think that David should check the optimized design, and see if he likes it or not. And then he can decide if he wants to use it for his G10 frames or not. Can't think of a reason not to...


Junior Member
Asking want to buy this part

HI ,,,,

I wan to ask ....can you shipping this item to indonesia......how can i order it...please guide me ...

Please reply to my email


Best Regars



I'm selling lasercut tricopter middle sections.
It is the Optimized RCExplorer Tricopter Template (thanks Colorex and RCExplorer for this).
They are lasercut from 4mm birch plywood and weigh 29 grams for a set(top + bottom).
The flitetest logo is laser engraved, the dot is the COG.

They are €12 per set (~$15.75*).
Shipping to europe is €2,55 , shipping to the rest of the world is €2,85 (~$3.75*).

If you want one (or more) or have any questions send me a PM.
Also if you want them a bit different(for different size arms or with a different logo) send me a PM and we can make a deal.

View attachment 3760
picture of the lasercut tricopter middle sections

*price in dollars will change a little because of the fluctuation in the rates, a good online converter is found at www.xe.com.

You can order by sending me a PM with the requirements, you can request materials, but I am not sure if they can be cut by the lasercutter or if I can buy them somewhere in small quantities. A custom logo is possible, send me a PM with the logo or a link to the logo.

So the answer is probably yes to those questions:)