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Motor Help

Hi! Does anyone have know any good RC plane (beginner park flyer) motors that are around 1,000-1500kv and only need a 20 amp esc? I know Flite Test store has the Emax GT2215 1100kv motor and I thought about just getting that but then I think I'd need a 30 amp esc (Wich is perfectly okay but I'm just wondering). I use 3 cells would this affect my battery life? Any ideas, suggestions, etc would be much appreciated. Thanks again!


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Check out. Heads up RC. good selection and they give you all the motor info you need, including amp draw for various size props and cell count.
I've been using this one on the larger sized FT planes.


It pulls about 10A with a 9x4.7 prop and has enough thrust for something like the FTT Explorer or F22. The motor is rated at 18A max so it will swing a bigger prop and produce more thrust and should still be good on a 20A ESC. I'll probably use this motor on the Storch with a 10x4.7 or 10x6 prop.

For a smaller build, which I haven't done yet, I figured this motor would be good.


I did try this motor on 3S with a 9x4.7 and it ran like a scalded dog....for about a minute, then let the smoke out. I hooked up another one and found that it was pulling about 26A. The motor is rated at 15A burst. I'm thinking this is a good motor for 2S, maybe 3S with a 6" or so prop on a smaller build.