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My Basic Low End FPV Setup - Newbie Guide


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Hi Guys,

I thought I would share the setup that we are using for FPV. Its worth noting that I did a lot of research and this is what I came up with. Luckily it all works really well together so we never wasted any money. Its also worth noting that my son and I were lucky enough to have won a $100 Hobby King Voucher through the guys at Flite Test. My son was the one that wanted to spend it on FPV Gear. We ended up buying the following gear with the voucher . . so THANK YOU Flite Test :)

Hobby King Bixler - Love this model!
5.8g 200mw FPV Wireless AV Tx & Rx Set - Great Value for money would be even better with a Skew Planar & Clover
1/3-inch SONY CCD Video Camera - Cheap One

Obviously the Voucher didn't cover all of the above but it did go towards it all. The other thing people will be curious about it is the fact that we went for the Cheaper Sony camera and not the Better Spec one . . well the reason for this was purely due to the Ratings on the Hobby King Site. Have a read yourself and decide.

Its also worth noting that I'm still running the standard antennas at the moment and range seems fine. The trick is to get the receiver antenna up high.

I'm very happy with the quality from this setup but I did change the lens that came with the camera mainly because I wanted a wide angle lens. So I picked up one of these from eBay - New Board 2.8mm 115° Angle CCTV Security Camera LENS

Watch this video for the difference between the standard len and the ebay one . . Its also worth noting the one from ebay is much heavier as it has a glass lens not plastic.

For an OSD I decided on the Remzibi OSD. I actually purchased this one from ebay and its a copy. I plan on buying another one but this time the original to see how they compare.

I really like this OSD as I love how customizable it is.

Finally this is a video from the HK Camera etc. which gives you an idea how the standard setup works in the real world.

Well that's what we are using at the moment and we don't appear to have wasted any money on this set up. Hope some of you find this helpful.

Best Regards
Paul & Thomas



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Hi and thanks for sharing! What was the total amount spent? I might try FPV if my teenager economy agrees...


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$63 = 5.8g 200mw FPV Wireless AV Tx & Rx Set
$17 = 1/3-inch SONY CCD Video Camera
$5 = Wide Angle Lens
- - - - - - - - - - - -
$85 FPV Gear

and if you want for $100 Remzibi OSD Copy eBay or $120 Remzibi OSD Original

Keep in mind you will need an LCD, Laptop or Goggles to view the video.

Its a lot of fun and well worth it.


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Thanks for the shopping list Paul. 63 bucks doesn't sound that bad at all. I might try FPV if my husbandly economy agrees...



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Thanks Guys, I was really surprised with the range of the Video TX/RX system using the standards antennas. In all honesty I expected it to be un usable in its standard configuration but it all seems to work fine. I can't wait to try out the New Antennas on this system and try to fly out a little further :)



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Just a quick update. This is a video using the same system with a Remzibi OSD system connected.



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Really good set up (i have the same minus the bixler and lenses (i will need both). the quality is good and a great price BUT and its a big BUT since i brought mine the reviews on this product have taken a turn for the worst!!! so read before you buy!!! luckly i got one of the good ones!!! yes i also dont have any googles but i am thinking of trying to build some!!!
Is it pretty easy to wire up the OSD?
Perhaps a link to a wiring diagram.
I have nearly everything for my FPV but I don't have the OSD and I think that would really be a nice tool for navigation etc.


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You can't combine 2.4 aircraft controls with 2.4 video systems.

Use a different frequency for the video. There's 900mhz, 5.8ghz, as a couple options.


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Since no one is answering me on the Projects forum ill post here.
The 900 MHz system that was shown on the Simple FPV project.
They posted a link to a 1.2 GHz transmitter but not a receiver, so does that mean that the receiver in the system will receive 1.2 GHz?


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Since no one is answering me on the Projects forum ill post here.
The 900 MHz system that was shown on the Simple FPV project.
They posted a link to a 1.2 GHz transmitter but not a receiver, so does that mean that the receiver in the system will receive 1.2 GHz?
I haven't checked the article, but 1.2 GHz Rx will only receive from 1.2 GHz Tx. They might have made a mistake.
Hey everyone,
What is the best tx for fpv? It seems to me, a lot of people prefer using 2.4ghz fpv tx and rx for video. I have seen comparison videos all over Youtube. As most of us know, we cannot use the same frequency for controls. It also seems to me that Mostly all new R/C tx's sold now-a-days, have 2.4ghz technology in them. Does anyone else see something wrong with this? I cannot use 900mhz or 1.2ghz/1.3ghz fpv systems personally because I live near a big city and there is always plenty of cellular signals around. I fly in a huge park next to a huge river. I presently own a 5.8Mhz fpv system but the low-interference capabilities of 2.4ghz intrigue me, I only fly short range under a half a mile because I have a 2.4ghz receiver. I guess in a nutshell. I want to switch over to 2.4Mhz for fpv, what R/C tx should I buy for both range and not interfere with video transmission or is dragon link the only solution? thanks
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There's 900MHz, 1.2GHz, 5.8GHz for FPV systems. If you use 2.4GHz for FPV you would have to find a Tx and Rx that are not on 2.4GHz. You can choose between 27MHz, 35MHz, 72MHz etc

It might be worth looking at the following link;


Scroll about halfway down the page. David touches on how to increase the range of a 2.4 GHz system. I would love some in depth instructions on how exactly how to do this.