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Need help Identifying an old glow engine

Old glow engine was given to me lately. Has no markings of model/manufacturer whatsoever and i'm wondering if anybody has any ideas from the pictures I've taken. I'll I currently know is it was once part of a balsa wood boat and has been sitting in a box for 40-50ish years. It has undergone a cleaning since the pictures were taken.

Thank You
IMG_3352.JPG IMG_3353.JPG


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It looks like the Cox marine engine but the head looks taller than I remember. I agree it looks like a .049.
The top of the cylinder head is the glow plug.
Not sure if you can even buy plugs anymore.

The cylinder part that's separate is the fuel tank that fastens on the back.


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Yes it's a flywheel for boat use.
Depending how old it is there will either be a knurled edge to it for a starter wheel or it will have a groove in it for a starter string.

String was the most fun from memory, you felt lucky going home with all your fingers lol.

The aero engines had a starter spring on them which you hooked the prop around and turned back and let go.
When your spring eventually broke or started fouling the prop you just used your finger instead of replacing the spring lol.


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Wen-mac boat engine? Cox /estes/leisureindustries (ver 6.0) is Google searchable, they have regular big engine glow plugs, or their original style.