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New BLHeli 12A ESC will not calibrate...HELP!

I'm trying to calibrate the 12A Emax BLHeli ESC that came with my FT Tiny Trainer. My receiver is a Turnigy TGY-iA6C and it is successfully bound to my Evolution. For some unknown reason I can't get my ESCs to go into programming mode. When I connect the battery, the Evolution recognizes the RX and the motor beeps (231 tune) but it's suppose to beep again 2 times, signifying that it is in program mode so I can then lower the throttle to calibrate it. None of this works. I'm doing everything correctly according to the video by Flight Test (https://youtu.be/fcsgyed2Mhs?t=2m43s) but the ESC is not doing what I need it to do. My controller is set to PWM and I have tried all the other output combinations. The ESC won’t beep to program!! Any advice?

My video demonstrating this problem:
That receiver does not output PWM, which is what your ESC is expecting. PPM is not the same as PWM, which expects one signal wire per channel.

Thanks. I assumed that the RX could do PWM because my Evolution could output to PWM, it shared it with the PPM pin just like how the S.Bus and I.Bus share their own pin. Is there a universal chart or guide to help me find a PWM receiver that is compatible with the Evolution controller? I've done searches but there doesn't seem to be a clear cut answer I am confident with...