Red20RC Online Store


I haven't been making a huge thing about this over here on Flite Test but Red20RC has been busily developing and cutting multirotor frames and other components over here in the workshop. As a result, I've just launched a new online store to try and make back some of the money I've spent on all the toys!


Take a look and let me know what you think. I've launched with a single product - the R220 Mini H Quad frame (which is very Blackout inspired). I'll be adding other products in the coming weeks including the "Talon Pro" FPV Quadcopter and my GoPro FPV camera bay, along with some other useful CNC products for foam board builders.

Hope you like it :)
Mike (RedTwenty)

PS - I've also been putting my HK Buddy Codes on the main site for anyone who is interested (I buy a LOT of stuff).