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Here we go, starting a build thread before I even have the kit! It will be months before my workbench is cleared and ready to start on this one, but I need to research and study power systems and parts until then. So, I could use input on questions if anyone out there has done this plane in electric before.


Recomended electric power setup?
Recomended servos?
Recomended battery?
Recomended prop?

I did see there is a cult following on the internet for this plane, but it seems mostly gas out there.
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Electric:eek: !! Say it ain't so!! Mine is going to have a Saito 100. Nothing like a Hog Bipe with a 4 stroke thumping away on the nose! It just sounds right! But I do understand that not everyone likes glow engines... I am old school in that regard, particularly when it comes to four strokes; I love how they sound.

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Mmmmmmm, balsa.
I do love me some Sig Hog! While I don't have any experience with the Bipe, I did rescue an old Astro-Hog last year at Flite Fest (a guy was selling a lot of old planes out of a trailer) and converted it to electric. I did a BUILD THREAD on it from start to finish.

The Bipe will have more drag than the low-wing, and Sig calls for a slightly bigger engine. My low-wing uses a 5-cell 5,000mAh Nano-Tech battery and a Turnigy G46 670KV motor. It's on the low end of the recommended power, but it flies very nicely at just over 1/2 throttle. While far from aerobatic it handles like a dream and will do the basic maneuvers easily. The landings are butter-soft and really make me look like I know what I'm doing! :)

With the recommended .60 size on the Bipe, you could use something like the G60 series from Hobby King. I've got two of the "G" series in use right now and am very happy. They've got a 300KV, 400KV, and 500KV version and all are designed to handle 5-7 cells. I'm not 100% sure, but that size engine and a 6 cell might make a good combination for this plane, although 7 cell would give you a nice extra boost.


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Don't worry, I am not anti electric, and as a sign of good faith, check this out: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?954035-Electric-Sig-Hog-Bipe-Build/page2

That's really close to what I was thinking would be a reasonable set-up. Something in the 60 size range with around 500kV, running a six cell.
I was considering going gas on this one, but I have no gas gear and would need to invest in everything for gas. I'm just all electric right now, until I get motivated and some cash for gas.
Thanks for the link, some good info there for me to study.
$20 for the kit? That is almost free! Nice score!
Gas rather than nitro is another good option. I have a 15cc Evo gas engine that I am going to put on a hangar 9 carbon cub. It will be my first gasoline powered plane. I thought about putting the Evo on the Hog, but the hog really needs to have that four stroke sound! Glow fuel is stupid expensive, but it's sure fun to play with. It makes a slimy mess of the plane, but I still like it! It takes me back to when I was a kid trying this hobby the first time. The initial investment can be tough. But, the cost two 4500 mAH six cells would pay for the bulk of it. Gas is actually pretty economical, but glow fuel is pretty spendy.....


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The UPS stork delivered my new baby, the Sig Hog Bipe has arrived! It arrived in perfect condition with no damage and upon a quick inspection it looks to be an impressive kit. Unfortunately this thread will go dormant until the winter when I get a chance to get started on the Hog project. I have the T-Craft and other projects that need to be completed first...along with some honey do's the wife has also.




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Getting ready for Nov build start

I think I have settled on this power setup. Still need to save up some money and make sure I have the right esc, but the specs look good for this setup. I have plenty of time before I need to buy the power system.

Scorpion SII-4025-520KV http://www.scorpionsystem.com/catalog/aeroplane/motors_1/sii-40/SII-4025-520/

PHOENIX EDGE 100 AMP ESC, 8S / 33.6V WITH 5 AMP BEC http://www.castlecreations.com/en/phoenix-edge/phoenix-edge-100-esc-010-0100-00

I like the specs on this motor and it allows for more prop sizes on 6s.

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Mmmmmmm, balsa.
My old-school low-wing Hog flies very nicely with a 5S 5,000mAh pack, but as you're adding the adding that extra wing and the extra weight the 6S is a good choice.


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Its my first bipe, but I like power and I am getting very brave doing aerobatics. Jeez, this power system is going to cost a lot...