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Trouble Binding XM Receiver to Q X7

Hello everyone, I'm having trouble binding my Taranis Q X7 with an XM receiver. I followed what I thought was the proper sequence. Transmitter on, then found an open receiver space, presses [Bnd], and heard the chirps coming from the transmitter. Then I held down the bind button on the receiver and plugged in the battery. I saw the solid green light with flashing red, and so I unplugged it, and took the transmitter out of bind mode, and turned it off. Now, when I turn on the transmitter and plug in the battery, I get a solid red light on the receiver, and no green light. If just the quad is on and not the transmitter, I get a blinking red light, and no green light. Any ideas for what to do, or what could be wrong?
Thanks everyone!


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I had a problem with being too close and overpowering the signal on mine - moved about 3-4 feet away during the bind sequence and it's all fine now. When I'm flying that Tiny Whoop too close to me I get signal warnings too - but it's all happy from arms length away to out of sight :)


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I have heard people having problems getting XM RXs to bind. I don't have one but...you might try...

Putting the XM in bind mode first with the TX off ...probably will see solid green and solid red on the RX

Then switch on the TX to the model you want and put it in [BIND].

The RX lights probably go solid green and flashing red.

Leave the TX in [BIND] mode and cycle the RX power off and on. Probably the RX will get no green and flashing red.

Cycle the TX power off and back on. Once the model boots up the RX should bind and will probably show a dim green and no red.

I'm thinking that if you have the TX in [BIND] first and then press the FS button on the RX...then the RX may not be properly initialized to bind correctly...or the button may bounce and/or make contact at wrong time. If it is already in bind mode when the TX is turned on it then there are less variables preventing it from working...but whatever the theory it's worth a try.