Taranis X9D PLUS - Deal!! for US lower 48 states only.

Good afternoon everyone. I've been chatting it up with Bruce Dally at Ubuyadrone.com. Now I don't know Bruce personally but I do know that he runs a little online hobby shop based out of Florida, and I also know that he has secured a number (35 i think) of Taranis X9D Plus, transmitters and is offering them up at a near steal in a group buy.

What's the catch? Well it won't ship till late November, but if you are used to ordering from China this probably won't be a deal breaker. The price is as follows:

Taranis X9D Plus = $177
X8R Telemetry Rx = 25
Taranis travel case = $17

Bruce was kind enough to open a few other items that can be added to your order but will ship with the radio. I don't have a complete list but the FLVSS lipo sensor, and X4r 3/16 channel (3 PWM/ 16 s.bus) receiver are available to add to your order. not to mention you can add additional X8R receivers for $25 each!!

SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. so unless you live in FL and have to pay the sales tax thats the "to your door" price. (in the lower 48 states).

keep in mind when price shopping, these prices include the shipping charges, i haven't found a better deal on this radio on the net.

I hope you guys can take advantage of this deal!
- Jes
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