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The Cost of Mini Quads!!!!!!

Are you struggling to pay for your miniquad?

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oh man, rob. what a bad day in deed.. stay positive to start.

i can recommend the rotogeeks ESC.. they have beheli oneshot etc.. and they can take a beating.

frame, what size you looking at?
this updated ZMR frame looks nice 2mm top/bottom plates and 4mm arms.
i like my zmr. but not sure what size you may want.. so just recommending this out of the blue. heh.
wow sold out in 2 days.. should of read closer. my bad.
Yeh I love the 30A rotorgeeks their solid and work those are the ones which are now bust.

Am comtemplating a zmr but i have been talking to Mike form red20RC and we have been discussing a custom PM300 and I was all ready to go, but then this happened :(