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Tricopter Scratch Build for a Newbie

Hey guys,

I am new to FPV, this is actually my first build. My tricoper is built from Davis' platform with the following setup:

Hobbyking 20A ESC's
Turnigy D2830 1000kv motors
i86 control boardDigital servo
Turnigy 9X Transmitter

So I finished the build, and was ready to link everything up, then the clicking started. After plugging the battery in the control board light just flashes red and the servo starts to make a low clicking noise. The switches on the control board are set to the positions for the tricopter setting, and I try to link it to my transmitter, but nothing happens. Perhaps I missed a big step in setting it up, like I said, I'm a total novice and don't know what I am doing, but I could use some help.

How to I link the transmitter to the copter, and is the clicking noise from the servo normal?

Thanks guys!

image copy.jpeg image.jpeg


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Staff member
I should have one of those control boards to play with sometime this week.

I would ask for a close up picture of the connection between the motors and the ESC though...


Rotor Riot!
The clicking in the servo is normal. Digital servos continuously try to adjust themselves so they buzz all the time.
Thanks guys! Does any one know how to program/link the control board to the transmitter then? When I plug in the battery, the control board just blinks red...


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
If a newbie then I think I would set switch 4 to "OFF". Practice a lot before trying "Sport" mode (SW 4 - ON).