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I'm running an emax rs2205 2600kv motor with a 40a ESC on a 3S lipo and 5x4 props, and I'm getting issues with the motor stuttering on low throttle. I tried a 12a and an 18a ESC and had the same issue. Is my battery too low voltage or is my ESC too low amperage for the rs2205?
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Motor stuttering, in my experience is due to a lost phase. If it's doing the same thing with 2 different ESC's then I would check the wires leading to the motor. If you try running the motor with a wire disconnected it should (when functioning properly) degrade or stop rotation. If this happens, reconnect and try the one of the others and repeat until the disconnection makes no difference. That wire would be the defective wire.

I've always found the problem has been right there at the pin/socket. Resoldering the defective wire (don't omit heatshrink) should make it work.

Post what you find.


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Alright. I have the motors leads soldered directly to the ESC so I'll check the joints again and make sure they're good too.