1. M

    Scratch built 70mm EDF fighter jet

    I was inspired to attempt to create my own designs after finishing up an FT Viggen. This is a model designed by me although I must admit it turned out very similar to an F-16 style aircraft. I model the aircraft using blender in 3D and then utilize UV mapping and some plugins to "unfold" the 3D...
  2. ReinventingTheWing

    Jay Jay the jet plane for under $100

    Im sure some of you remember the poorly photo shopped slow flying plane, Im challenging elite test to built this plane with the small wings and twin engine and see if it actually takes flite!
  3. Konrad

    F-5 Tiger II (Freewing F-5 mods and set up)

    As I don't see an EDF forum I'll post some of my impressions of Freewing F-5 Tiger here under "Warbirds". Some background is in order. I received this model as a hand me down after the original owner crashed it on the maiden flight performing a classic rendition of the “Saber Dance”. While the...
  4. R

    Speedfest 2017 Oklahoma State

    Hey Guys! I am part of speedfest at Oklahoma State University this year and I need your help! For those of you that don't know what this is (probably all of you), it is a competition that OSU puts on every year for the senior design students to compete in. This year we made Delta wing aircraft...
  5. CarboardKings

    Original design 70MM EDF Jet

    Inspire by a land speed record vehicle. Something different Almost complete. 70mm EDF AAW 850 Grams
  6. PilotSam


    Does anyone have an idea of an edf unit, esc, and battery that would be powerful enough to pull me on a skateboard (the all up weight with me on the skate board is about 115 pounds)? I don't know if I should use a 70mm or a 90mm. Maybe even two 70mm ones. My idea is to make an edf jet powered...
  7. CarboardKings

    Some of our scratch collection

    These are inspired by my childhood love of flight and passing it on to my son. Here are some of our designs. Hope you like them.
  8. CarboardKings

    Viper-ish Cardboard EDF Jet

    Yes we went for it! Also a few pictures of the other big boys we built from scratch. My son and I
  9. William_Conway

    Airbus A350 1/60 Laser Cut Scratch Build

    Hello everyone! As the title may suggest, I'm currently in progress of building 1/60 scale Airbus A350-900XWB. This is my first commercial Airliner Scratch build, so i can almost guarantee there will be a very high fail/success ratio. I'm a part of the Newmarket, Ontario, Canada Makerspace...
  10. O

    Jet FT Plane

    Hello everyone, I am going to make a jet engine to put in to a plane and I wanted to use a FT plane, but I'm not sure which plane to use. I would like it to be able to go as fast as possible. The jet engine will have a 128mm/5" internal diameter and a 135mm/5.3" external diameter. What would be...
  11. A

    Habu 2 6s power system calculation

    First I would like to say this is my first post. I have made the formatting as organized as I can, hope you enjoy. I recently bought all these components with the intention of building and flying the Habu 2. Bare Airframe: Habu 2 Delta-V 15 69mm...
  12. JamesWhom

    100 mph jwVampire

    Hey everyone, I'm in the process of going to the 'next level' with my foam board planes and have decided to try and smash the 100mph barrier. Nerdnic has been quite an inspiration in doing this, especially as he has done it with some of his own designs. Here is my set up - NTM propdrive...
  13. Andre

    64mm EDF Scratch Build

    A good FT friend is sending me a 64mm EDF motor. Wants to see what I'll come up with. Hmm time to start designing very simple and light air frames. For some reason some of the classic designs speak to me. To be honest the de Havilland Vampire looks wonderful. Or maybe the Grumman A-6...
  14. FrozenCanadianFingers

    A Different Take on Davids Rocket Plane

    I had the bright idea one winters day last week to put Estes rockets onto a plane. Having only found one video on the YouTube of a guy who just taped one on a trainer. Also having seen David's rocket plane, I thought I'd take it farther and build an EDF Jet that had two D sized rockets onboard...
  15. T

    Saab JAS 39 Gripen

    Update: The sketchup plans are good, increased the length of the slot for the wing. Here are a couple photos of it taped together to test fit the parts. Been really kicking the idea of building a pusher jet. Started hunting around for three view drawings and found this as a good candidate...
  16. F

    Flight of the F.T. 20 Dew Raptor

    you guys ask for it so here you go!
  17. F

    F.T. 20 DEW RAPTOR (EDF)

    This is my new F.T. 20 dew raptor Made from a Coraplast MTN DEW sign for a wing, and body,... Foamboard nose and rudders, and has a ... Dr. mad thrust 64mm (edf) , with a 4 cell 2200 for power! tell me what you think, i think josh will love this !!!! :)
  18. F


    I put my 64mm edf Dr. mad Thrust on my home made FT 22 Raptor with a 4 cell 2200 mah heres the Video sorry didnt have anybody to video it so had to just set the camera on the ground! flew great with no trim! :)
  19. jsut210

    FunJet Clone

    I recently received a Multiplex Fun-jet that a Co-worker had just laying around! I instantly fell in love with the plane's smooth flight at extremely high speed. Unfortunately the Fun-jet is no longer with us :(. Lets just say there's a pile of foam bits out at my flying field. Anyways I was...
  20. G

    David's Viggen scaled up 129%

    I just started the build today on the Viggen! It uses the same plans as David's but is scaled up to fit a 90mm edf unit. Not sure whether I want to put retracts on it or not. It will be powered by 12 blade alloy ducted fan unit from hk and will use a 7s, not sure on capacity yet. Will be...