scratch build

  1. Maxx

    No printer? No problem...

    Allo everyone ! If like me you don't have a printer and I like building Flite Test planes . Here is how I do it :) First I go on the PDF plan I choose . Here I'm making a FT Explorer 50%. Next I make myself a ruler with the scale ruler on the plan . Next I take measurements ,and calculate the...
  2. ergomir

    C-27J Spartan _ Scratchbuild

    Hi guys/gals: I want to show you this plane i made from Scratch, a C-27J Spartan, i hope you like it and find the step by step interesting. Here is the first flight: But before i get to that, this was the process: The plane was made with a full cargo deck free of any obstacle in mind, so...
  3. Niez13

    13th Squadron Mini A6M Zero

    Free plans and information at Check out our Facebook group: 13th Squadron The 13th Squadron Mini Zero is an extremely versatile aircraft capable of flying fast, slow, turning and burning, or for cruising around on a calm evening. You can take it anywhere because it has a 30"...
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  6. V

    Fairly new to the hobby. First Scratch Build and Maiden flight - FT Mustang

    Hi Guys, I'm fairly new, got my RC Flying wings with the Aeroscout and then the Apprentice and then discovered this amazing site (FliteTest). So tried my hand at a scratch build of the FT Mustang. Must say quite happy and proud of the end result. I live in Dubai, UAE and ordered a box of the...
  7. James Keys

    Mighty Mini’s

    I think it would be great if Flitetest can help develop some free plans to also use balsa wood for there mini builds. Please see my attempt using FT Mini Mustang free plans.
  8. Ranger_107

    Zephyr1's 50mm F-86 Sabre 125%

    @Zephyr1 designed this F-86 Sabre that runs off a 50mm EDF. The original build has a 32-inch wingspan and is 28 inches long. Scaled up its should be a 40-inch wingspan and is 35 inches long. I plan to run it off a 70mm BDF style ducted fan. I plan to run it of a 4s 2200mAh lipo or a 5s 3000mAh...
  9. Sly Fox

    Scratch build questions

    I have never done a build before. Was looking at trying to make a tiny sparrow glider to start. I downloaded plans. ( Looks like I need the Tile A plans for a normal home printer). So my questions are: 1. What type & size I foam board do I get from my local hobby store (plans don't say). 2...
  10. Wrench Monkey

    The "T" tail experiment.

    I had some time this weekend so I went about challenging myself to make a scratch build pusher, with a "T" tail! I've noticed most of the aircraft at my workplace have a "T" tail (usually to accommodate fuselage mounted engines) And it got me curious as to how difficult it would be to use that...
  11. zdsweet

    GIANT R/C Scratch Build Based on C-133

    This video is a year in the making - local Marymoor R/C Club members Bryan, Hailin, and Ian came up with the idea of making an extremely light for its size C-133 based aircraft after visiting Oshkosh in 2019. Soon thereafter, their newspaper build plans turned into a full on massive project, and...
  12. ZOHIO

    Mock Radial For Master Series P47

    Hey guys, i finally finished and am releasing my design for a mock radial engine. The engine files can be found on Thingiverse here: . The design allows for a adequate amount of room for the flite test radial engine as well as it also fitting snugly into...
  13. Vimana89

    Solved Inspiration Poll: What Type of Plane Should I Make Next?

    Going to run this poll for a few days, and see where the interest is. I've got a couple electronics setups that are free to build around, and have been having a bit of an uninspired spell. I may build yet another plane before these results are closed out to keep busy, but I will take them into...
  14. Mid7night

    B-58 Hustler - Quad 70mm EDF Foamboard Beast

    This was my "quarantine build" in early 2020, and I'm so happy with how it came out! It's big, about 7ft long and 4ft span, but it actually is a fairly simple build. The fuselage is simplified, square cross section, but its presence in the air is undiminished. :D Instead of sitting on the...
  15. Battery800

    Help! Mighty Mini PBY

    Since I the thread for the PBY Catalina has not been active, I am posting this here. My issue is that I don’t understand where the formers go and how the tower comes together. Also, how does the hatch assemble? If anyone has built this plane or thinks they can help, please do! . Side question...
  16. K

    BUILD - Master Series Style Nakajima B5N2 "Kate"

    deleted... sorry
  17. nobledeed

    N Sport - A Tiny Trainer Mod

    With plenty of time on my hands, I finished up a tiny trainer mod I thought others might like. I based the design on the the tiny trainer sport wing set-up. I wanted to create a fuselage that looked a little more scale than the original. To finish the airframe, I fashioned a skin for the...
  18. M

    Raw Foam edges

    Hi Guys, New to the RC scene and also scratch builds, I’m currently building an f22, plans from FT. How can I cover the edges where foam is exposed to give a neater finish? im looking to spray the plane with acrylic, is this suitable? thanks
  19. Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes

    Prandtl Flying Wing

    I learned recently from @FoamyDM about a NASA test project called PRANDTL-D. He built his own version of the prototype and posted plans here: This morning I began building my own wing from @FoamyDM 's...
  20. J

    Solved Ft glider

    Hi, just a simple doubt I have, I want to build a Flite test glider, but have trouble deciding if I should build the simple soarer or tiny trainer, bare in mind that the simple soarer for me is a little more complicated to build, I live in the mountain so fly on the slopes and are there any...