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  1. J

    dsmx interference at flite fest

    I had a lot of trouble with interference this year at flite fest east. Last year I had very little trouble, I even flew in the world record flight. This year I crashed repeatedly. I was using orange recievers, but I went to the store and bought spektrum recievers. This didn't seem to help...
  2. Konrad

    Spektrum DX9 user replaceable parts (NONE)

    I was shocked to learn that Horizon Hobbies does not support the Spektrum line of transmitters with parts. This isn’t an FCC Part 15 issue as there are a lot of parts on the transmitter that do not effect the transmission of radio frequencies. Since the beginning of time we the end user...
  3. J

    RIOT250R Quad newbie setup

    Hey guys, I have been flying Flite Test planes for about a year now, but wanted to start getting into Quad's. Namely Race Quads. Anyway, I have purchased a RIOT250R Pro from Flite Test and have been trying to set it up via Beta Flight. Everything went smooth until I connected my controller to...
  4. T

    **Help** CAD design needed.

    Hello everyone! I am reaching out to this great community for some help. I am needing a knowledgeable person to design a foam insert to fit inside a Home Depot case...the Rigid Pro 22" Pro Organizer, model 222571. The inside dimensions are @ 20 3/16 L x 10 3/4 D x 3 /1/2 thick. The Dx9 would...
  5. C

    Phoenix Simulator / Spektrum DX6e

    Hi, I'm trying to use the Phoenix Flight Simulator with my Spektrum DX6e transmitter although this transmitter does not have a trainer plug (like a small audio jack). So, I was wondering if I could still make a bridge between the audio jack from the simulator (USB to audio jack) connected to...
  6. T

    Help with Spektum fpv serial receiver and CC3D

    Hi everyone, this might seem like a silly question but I'm having troubles.. I bought Spektrum's fpv quad serial receiver to use with a CC3D flight controller, and the first thing I noticed is that the wire plug from the receiver doesn't fit any of three pin plugins on the flight board. It's a...
  7. iCrash

    Wanted: Spektrum Full Range Tx for Taranis mod

    I am looking for something like the Spektrum DX5e or anything similar that is full range. I need it for a mod. I am building a module for the Taranis to use DSM2 and DSMX. thanks!
  8. hbb3367

    BabyHawk and Spektrum Sat

    I purchased the BabyHawk and Spektrum from the FT store...but am clueless on how to connect the Satellite receiver. Anyone know how to do it? I am the worst ever with a soldering iron... Jack
  9. L

    Spektrum Buddy Boxing: Explain it to me like im 5

    Hey all, I've recently been wanting to help some coworkers get off the ground by buddy boxing with them. However, I can't seem to get it figured out. It is a simple process but I've tried too many things that don't work and now I'm very confused. We all have Spektrum DX6 or DX6e radios. Please...
  10. C

    Tx/Rx Selection

    Hi! I'm new to the hobby and on a university team to build an aircraft. I'm looking at radio systems and really like the DX6e transmitter for my needs. For a receiver, I want a customizable fail-safe so that I can specify the rudder, aileron, and elevator positions if radio signal is lost...
  11. T

    First DIY quad... help me please T^T

    hey all. Here's the info. Quad: Arris 250b http://www.arrishobby.com/arris-xspeed-250b-fpv-racing-drone-unassembled-quadcopter-super-combo-w-f3-flight-controller-us-warehouse-p-3451 (I swapped out the flight chip with a Naze 32 bought from the flite test website because I accidentally fried the...
  12. W


    I have a versacopter with an orange receiver and a KK2.1.5 board with the remote programmer and it will not arm. ESCs are calibrated, it is bound, it lights up, does its beeps, but when on my DX6e I put the sticks on down and right to arm, it will not arm. PS. all trims are centered + good...
  13. D

    Connection issue

    i have the Spektrum DX6e controller with a Spektrum Quad Race serial receiver and the controller is binded to the receiver (because the orange light is solid), however the receiver will not relay information to the flight controller which is a naze32 im not sure if they are compatible and i'm...
  14. B

    Receiver for SPEKTRUM DX6i transmitter

    I'm just starting the hobby, though I've been looking over the fence at it for years. Today I ordered the 3-pack starter planes to train on, and the Bloody Baron. And for electronics, I bought the "B Series" power kit. I was watching Josh B. explain hooking up electronics. He started with...
  15. N

    I need help connecting servos on my pun jet to my spektrum ar610 receiver

    So I am completely new to the Scratch built rc line, and decided (even though multiple people have warned me not to), to start with the PUN JET! Yes yes it is not a good starter plane, but I wanted to start with it. I got through building it just fine until I tried connecting it to my spektrum...
  16. D

    Spektrum Dx4e Bind Problem

    Hi, I have a Spektrum Dx4e and the bind key/button is broken...I was wondering if there is any way to bind with out using the bind key/button? Thanks.
  17. epiper93

    Spektrum DX6e (a review)

    Hey all! I just wanted to post my two cents since I have found hardly any information on spektrum's newest radio. At my local hobby shop, the DX6e caught my eye. Flying mainly with a Turnigy 9XR and a spektrum DX6i, I thought for $150 I would give it a shot. And honestly I love it. My...
  18. E

    Cannot bind Blade Inductrix with Spektrum DX6

    Hi, I am really hoping you guys can help me out here because I am going crazy with this. About a week ago I bought a Blade Inductrix BNF and have been using it without any issues with both my DX6 and an MLP4DSM that I have from a Blade MCX2. As of yesterday it refuses to bind on my DX6. It has...
  19. M

    KISS fc spektrum satellite help

    I ordered the KISS fc and the spektrum dsmx satellite reciver with diversity, but I have some questions -In cleanflight, in order to get the satellite reciever to go into bind mode, you had to use the CLI. How can I do this in the KISS fc software? Or will the reciever automatically go into...
  20. I

    Another guy joined the forum to milk it for secrets.

    I haven't been "new" for a few years. I have been flying RC off and on, since 2001. I started with balsa gliders, and moved into foamy warbirds. I still have gliders but now they climb up on props, and lipos instead of a spool of line bolted to a car starter. I enjoy building as much as I...