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  1. S

    FS: Spektrum Dx6 Practicly New!! $180

    FS: Spektrum Dx6 Practicly New!! $SOLD SOLD!!
  2. T

    How do i program DX6I for drag rudder. AKA differential Yaw !!HELP!!

    Hello, I'm just finishing up a flying wing I designed. I just picked up a new Spektrum DX6i and I'm having trouble figuring out mixes. Its a traditional elevon setup however I have drag brakes on each wing (similar to the B-2), each with their own servo. How do I setup so that when left (or...
  3. A

    spectrum receiver voltage

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if the spectrum receivers can take a 2 cell lipo battery. Can I plug the lipo directly into the into the reciever or would i have to use a uBEC? This is going to be a sailplane setup so there will be no ESC or motor. I want the setup that produces the best...
  4. R

    Spektrum DX6 DX7 DX9 DX18 Model Setups ? and Rare Birds

    So, loving my DX6i I bought a DX6. Initial feelings are that it is brilliant BUT I was rather hoping that with the advertised Model Setup system I would be able to install setups for such 'RARE BIRDS' as: Super Cub S, Delta Ray Radian, Sukhoi 29mm and Nano QX Nothing is listed for the DX6...
  5. G

    Spektrum DX6 review

    I have a new Spektrum DX6 which I got in November. I really love it, and haven't had any problems with it so far! I currently own two planes, a Parkzone Radian, and a Parkzone Sport Cub S2, and I fly both of them on my DX6 in DSMX mode. I highly recommend the new Spektrum DX6 if you are looking...
  6. S

    Receiver (and transmitter) for FT Flyer? Receiver and battery problem

    Hello, I recently ordered the necessary components to build a FT Flyer from HobbyKing. As I live in the Netherlands, I ordered everything from the HobbyKing warehouse in the Netherlands (cheap shipping). However, there were no cheap transmitters and/or receivers in stock. Coming weekend I am...
  7. Maingear

    GPS Sensor for RX or GPS Tracker?

    Rumor has it Corn will be planted by the airfield this year. If my plane goes down, I wanna get in and out as soon as possible. Spectrum has a GPS sensor. Rumor has it data is indicated on the receiver. The manual that came with DX6 RX/TX and GPS PDF posted at spektrum has no specifics. I...
  8. G

    Spektrum vs. Futaba which is better?

    Hi everyone, in the Flite Test Mid-Air Package Exchange - Viewer Response episode, both David Windestål and Josh Bixler said that Futaba has the most solid 2.4GHz signal compared to Spektrum and all of the other brands, and I was wondering if that is still true?
  9. paytonc11

    Help with the FT Versa!!!!

    I have recently built the FT Versa Wing and have everything ready to go, but the elevators are not working correctly. The ailerons work fine but when I move the elevators one points down and one points up. I cannot figure out the fix the elevator with out messing up the ailerons. Any help would...
  10. paytonc11

    Need help with extra servo!

    I am currently trying to rig my foam plane to be "bomb" drop capable, it is a 4 channel plane with a 6 channel Tactic receiver. I am using a Spektrum DX6 transmitter with AnyLink 2, and I have set up another servo plugged into my 6th channel (Aux) and I having trouble getting it to work. Is...
  11. F

    used DS6i vs DS7...pro's & cons

    used DX6i vs DX7...pro's & cons I'm looking at a couple used transmitters and know nothing about Spektrum. Can you guys school me in the pors and cons of them both ? The DX6i has been used once and has a AR6200 receiver and the DX7 has an AR8000. Thanks
  12. raphino

    Region Output Power Settings on DX9

    Hey dear Flitetest-Community! Im living in Switzerland, so my DX9 is on Eu Power Output. On my DX6i its pretty easy to change it to us power output, but unfortunately on my DX9 I can't change the settings. Does anyone know, or have a US Firmware for my which would change it to the US-Settings...
  13. paytonc11

    Blade Nano QX BNF w/ Spektrum DX6

    I just purchased the Blade Nano QX and have the Spektrum DX6, I am having an impossible time trying to set up the two different modes that the Nano is capable of on the transmitter. I cannot seem to figure out how to set it up to where I can switch from Stability and Agility mode. I have read...
  14. S

    Hobyzone Transmitter with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 Technology

    Have a brand new hobbyzone transmitter with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 Technology for sale. Got it with Champ RTF (use my DX5e to fly so this has never been used) Looking to get $25 shipped OBO.
  15. P

    Spektrum Dx5e Glitch

    Hello everyone, i have a problem with my spektrum DX5e. That problem is whenever I use it to try and use Phoenix Rc, it keeps beeping very very fast. I calibrated it correctly , i turn it of when i use it for the sim, and i keep iy plugged in when i use the sim. Please Help, and thank you.
  16. S

    Elevon Mixing?

    Ok as some of you surely already know from my other posts regarding my failed FT Delta attempts, I began wondering if I was perhaps getting too much throw and that's why my jerky, unexperienced fingers were shooting it into the ground each time... The spektrum automatically cuts the throws in...
  17. R

    how 5g8 fpv gear affects range of standard spectrum tx and rx

    hi there. so a few days back i was flying my F.P.V. plane and i was starting to wonder 'is my video transmitter affecting my range and if so, how much.' i started by measuring the distance of a spectrum AR5210 in range mode and found i got a distance of 94 feet without any interference of...
  18. Montiey

    DX9 - Bugs, glitches, and other annoyances

    Are the sticks supposed to turn where they meet the gimbal? Knob does not have physical middle bump The only momentary switch is hard to reach, raven harder to use as a trainer switch Post things you have found annoying here!
  19. FlyingMaddLadd

    Spektrum Dx9 Unboxing and Review!

    Spektrum Dx9 Unboxing and Review Hey guys, Just sharing my unboxing and review of the spektrum dx9 with you guys, I think it is a great radio, Full of features and i definately recommend it to you. Check out the video to watch my review :) Please subscribe to my channel also, It helps me ALOT...
  20. G

    Spektrum DX4e - Inquiry of a noob.

    I have recently purchased a HobbyZone - DeltaRay and it came with a DX4e i believe many of their other models come standard with this transmitter as well (Correct me if i'm wrong). This is my first hobby grade aircraft and i plan on buying another one except i would like to avoid buying an...