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  1. F

    Graupner Vs. Spektrum

    I am looking to really upgrade my transmitter and im looking at the Spektrum DX9 Black Edition or the Graupner MZ-24. Im willing to spend the $599 for the Spektrum but im wondering what is the better transmitter. I fly mainly multirotors and will be getting more into planes as well. It seems...
  2. U

    Basic transmitter/receiver question

    I bought a Hobbyzone RTF Champ plane, and I have started moving on to scratch building. I was wondering if I could use my Champ's transmitter and bind it to another receiver. If so, which recievers would be compatible (Hobbyking link if possible) and if not, what is a better transmitter that I...
  3. aslansknight

    Transmitter mode for FT Flyer

    Transmitter mode for FT Flyer [answered] I started by building the FT 3D because I thought it looked super cool. (Not a good reason to build an RC plane, I've discovered.) I then proceeded to crash it into the ground, a few trees, a light post, several bushes, etc... That was all fun - and...
  4. K

    Motor works but not the servo's

    Hi there, I am new to RC flying so I hope someone can help. I built a Balsa Fokker Dr1 and set it up for 4 channel. Initially, everything worked fine. Now I have a plethora of problems and a spent budget. All parts are new etc. Apologies if some of this stuff is in the wrong thread. I have been...
  5. SamCollings15

    Transmitter failure

    So I was out with my friend flying our planes and for some reason about four times after take off while flying low my plane decided to aileron roll the other direction I told it to for a few milliseconds. At the time I just thought it was turbulence as it was quite windy. Anyway, I carried on...
  6. SamCollings15

    Plain and simple

    I am looking for a 2.4ghz 4ch radio of good build quality and multi model memory for my planes, nothing else. I just want this because I don't use all that the programmable stuff, to me it just gets in the way. I like to be back to basic with the plane and flying at 100% rates all of the time...
  7. eagle4

    nano sized fpv transmitter

    Hey gang, just saw this on hobbyking (and some other places too). It's a nano sized video transmitter. it weighs only 3 grams!!! it also works directly with the fatshark gear right out of the box. It can be used on a 1s up to a 4s battery too!!! If you're into indoor flying or just want to...
  8. S

    Spektrum DX6i or DX5e?

    Hello, I recently ordered the components to build a FT Flyer (and Delta later on), but I still have to order the transmitter and receiver. I am going to visit a local hobbyshop this weekend, and I was planning to buy the DX6i with an AR400 4 CH receiver. This will cost me about €130. However, I...
  9. S

    Receiver (and transmitter) for FT Flyer? Receiver and battery problem

    Hello, I recently ordered the necessary components to build a FT Flyer from HobbyKing. As I live in the Netherlands, I ordered everything from the HobbyKing warehouse in the Netherlands (cheap shipping). However, there were no cheap transmitters and/or receivers in stock. Coming weekend I am...
  10. I


    Hi ppl, I just have 1 question... I just built my first ever FT Versa Wing (1st plane EVER) and I need to know if it will work with my radio/transmitter. I have the Hobbyking (MODE 2) that was like $28.00... WILL IT WORK??? PLEASE SAY YES or I may need to find ANOTHER new hobby!!
  11. M

    Rookie Problem 2 receivers 1 transmitter

    Hey, I've difficulty explaining my "problem", but I'm trying the best I can. So now I'm tinking on also buying a plane/glider, I want to buy the Phoenix 1600 PNF from hobbyking. So I only need an extra battery, receiver, and transmitter, so my question is that I already have a transmitter (the...
  12. T

    New to hobby - Need your help!

    Hello Flite Test Community and thanks ahead of time for your input. To save you a paragraph of my life story, here is a quick run down of where I stand with the hobby. I have been interested in the hobby for a few years, but never gave it a try Flite Test has inspired me to get into the hobby...
  13. M

    Servo mixing

    Hi, Does any one know if this transmitter has mixing for the ailerons? NuoYa005 2.4G FS-CT6B 6CH
  14. O

    Taranis X9D PLUS - Deal!! for US lower 48 states only.

    Good afternoon everyone. I've been chatting it up with Bruce Dally at Ubuyadrone.com. Now I don't know Bruce personally but I do know that he runs a little online hobby shop based out of Florida, and I also know that he has secured a number (35 i think) of Taranis X9D Plus, transmitters and is...
  15. S

    Hobyzone Transmitter with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 Technology

    Have a brand new hobbyzone transmitter with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 Technology for sale. Got it with Champ RTF (use my DX5e to fly so this has never been used) Looking to get $25 shipped OBO.
  16. kah00na

    Transmitters with Telemetry - What are my options?

    I'm thinking about getting a different transmitter with telemetry built in mainly so I can stop setting the low voltage alarm on my quadcopter and let the TX do it for me. I'm interested in the low voltage and an altimeter. Other monitors would be nice but that is all I really want to start...
  17. B

    9XR or DX8 with Naza Lite Qaud

    I am currently re-building a quad from whats left of my any copter hub. I was flying on the KK2 board and had good success, but crashed and am starting from new. My quad is larger than most commercially avail quads with 650mm between each motor. I built it bigger for more stability with the...
  18. Ultimate_Red

    9XR Troubles...

    So, I've ordered a quadcopter (bits etc.) but, now I need a transmitter/receiver pack. I have seen the Turnigy 9XR on HK and think it's better than the 9X. However, I don't know what battery to get or how to get the RF module. (what is one of these) Can someone provide me some links please...
  19. U

    Hitec Aurora 9X OR Spektrum DX8

    I am looking to buy a new "all rounder" radio. I have whittled down my choice to Hitec Aurora 9X or Spektrum DX8 All opinions are welcome :)
  20. P

    Can Tx be hacked to connect an arduino?

    Can either Spectrum or FrSky or Turnigy based transmitters be hacked to talk to arduino based micro-controller? Is there an easier way to connect to & use just a module for this purpose?