1. PenguinWings

    Trying to Choose a Transmitter

    Hello there, I'm looking at purchasing my first transmitter, but the variety is a bit daunting! Can someone make a recommendation? Constraints: - I'm on a budget. Let's say no more than $150, but less would be great. - I don't want to run out of channels as I progress. It seems that there...
  2. N

    Transmitters and Receivers

    I am just getting into a hobby. Could anyone suggest what kind of Transmitter and Receiver is the best for a beginner?
  3. K

    Quality vs Quantity

    I've been flying for a while now with an eachine wizard, quanum cyclops and a flysky fsi6 TX. I now have an opportunity to spend around another £100 on the hobby, but I can't figure out where my priorities lay. The two choices I've narrowed it down to is to A) upgrade my TX to a taranis Qx7, or...
  4. S

    New Spectrum DX6i for sale, never used

    SOLD - New Spectrum DX6i for sale, never used SOLD I bought this a couple years ago to do a build I never did. I decided to go a different direction so I'm selling the Spectrum DX6i. It does not have an receiver with it. Since it's been sitting for a couple years and NiMH battery's have a...
  5. P

    binding problems - alpha 110 and graupner mz-10

    I'm very new to the hobby, and have recently bought the Graupner Alpha 110 FPV BNF, the Graupner MZ-10 transmitter, and a pair of Fatshark Attitude V4 FPV goggles. I tried turning on the transmitter and was able to control the Alpha 110 for maybe 5 seconds, and then the transmitter made the...
  6. C

    Transmitter compatibility?

    Hello fellow hobbyists, this may sound stupid but I am new to the whole diy multirotor thing and I was wondering if the fr sky d4r-II is compatible with Flysky FS - i6S 2.4G 6CH OSD Transmitter, I know the transmitter isn't great but I got it off a friend for free so I'm not complaining. I also...
  7. I

    Noob Looking for a good under 75 dollar usb transmitter to learn on.

    Hey, guys, I'm new to RC flight and want to get an USB transmitter so I can learn multi rotor for fun. What USB transmitters are relatively cheap under 75 (maybe 100 dollars) that a guy can pick up and learn on. I was hoping to get alot of time in on simulators. Thanks in advance.
  8. milkydeathgrind

    Brand new ImmersionRC 600mW Video TX

    I bought this and then realized it isn't compatible with my receiver so I'm selling it. It's brand new with all original packaging and cables. Price on Banggood is $44.99 but I will sell it for $40 with $6.00 shipping. Get it quick before it's gone!!! Please PM me if interested so I get an...
  9. J

    Help my FS-T6 reciever isn't working

    I cannot get my receiver to power on or to bind to my transmitter. I have a quadcopter in which everything else is working perfectly, but I cannot get my the receiver/transmitter to work. The transmitter itself is working fine. All ideas are welcome.
  10. A

    Spektrum DX8 V DX 8 (Gen 2)

    Hello FliteTest Community, I am in a small dilemma when choosing between the Spektrum DX8 (Gen 1) and the Spektrum DX8 (Gen 2), the biggest difference is the price (The Gen 1 is AU$200 and Gen 2 which is Au$400-Au$500). And is it better to get the newer version to "future proof"? Cant wait for...
  11. M

    Flysky PPM Setup with CC3D

    Hello guys looking for some help here. I was able to pick up an Eachine Falcon 210, and a FlySky th9x. Unfortunately I have been unable to get it air born yet or at least control it in the air. I can`t figure out how to set it up in librepilot and if whether or not I need a new receiver or...
  12. M

    Transmitter and Reciever Considerations/FPV tx/rx

    In general, what model RC tx/rx does someone recomend? Do you really need alot of channels? What do you look for? I am kind of amazed of how much selection you have out there, not too sure what I really need in a transmitter/reciever. I want to do Long range FPV I also am looking into the...
  13. B

    Issue between Naze32 and transmitter

    Hello all, I have been watching videos of you guys on youtube and you guys got me interested in starting playing around with quads. So I watch some more videos until I decided to go ahead and buy myself a quad :) I got a wizard x220 with a naze32 in it. I also got a Flysky 6CH FS-i6 Remote...
  14. landedit

    Spektrum Buddy Boxing: Explain it to me like im 5

    Hey all, I've recently been wanting to help some coworkers get off the ground by buddy boxing with them. However, I can't seem to get it figured out. It is a simple process but I've tried too many things that don't work and now I'm very confused. We all have Spektrum DX6 or DX6e radios. Please...
  15. C

    Tx/Rx Selection

    Hi! I'm new to the hobby and on a university team to build an aircraft. I'm looking at radio systems and really like the DX6e transmitter for my needs. For a receiver, I want a customizable fail-safe so that I can specify the rudder, aileron, and elevator positions if radio signal is lost...
  16. Fuzzy Whumpkin

    Flysky FS-i6 Custom Paint

    I repainted my FS-i6 over the weekend, and thought i'd post pics:) I used Rustoleum flat grey primer, Rustoleum Flat Black Primer, and Rustoleum Textured somethin-r-other the only real modification i made was to file down the power button and gorrila glue some 60-grit sandpaper to it...
  17. T

    Help With Cleanflight. Transmitter problems

    Hey all! Transmitter: DX6e Receiver: Spektrum AR610 6CH sport receiver Dsmx flightchip: Naze 32 ESC: Arris 20A, 2-4s LiPo PROBLEM: The controls do not show on clean flight. (No Stick movement) The controls do not work when I am connected to cleanflight and when I am disconnected. Cannot set...
  18. O

    Can I have my cake and eat it?

    Dear All, after a few years of a break I'm restarting the hobby, because my 5-year-old son wants to learn to fly a plane. We will be building a Tiny Trainer and an Old Fogey so we need to buy a transmitter or two. I have some old BNF "toys" (Vapor and Blade 120SR) that I would like to control...
  19. B

    Receiver for SPEKTRUM DX6i transmitter

    I'm just starting the hobby, though I've been looking over the fence at it for years. Today I ordered the 3-pack starter planes to train on, and the Bloody Baron. And for electronics, I bought the "B Series" power kit. I was watching Josh B. explain hooking up electronics. He started with...
  20. Roandb

    Is runcam compatible with immersion rc

    I have an immersion rc 600mw transmitter and I want run a runcam swift with the transmitter. I'm just wondering whether they will work together. Would like some help! Thanks.