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DTFB Grumman Goose

Lookin' Good!

Hey, what are you using to draft the plans? I was going to try to use Illustrator, but I have ZERO experience in it so I'd be learning from the ground up. I plan on designing my stuff in Blender (because I know it), but then translating them into plans will be quite a task unless I can figure out how to use the Unwraps of the meshes and then get them to scale properly. Yeah, it's a mess in my head right now.
Tip floats


First toss


Strapped my GoPro to the top of the wing where I set the CG for the first tosses. You can see I just taped a can of PlayDoh on the nose where the top deck will go on the finished plane. My throws with the GoPro were all terrible with the right wing low. I did get a few throws with the wings level after I removed the GoPro. I was happy enough with how well the nose held up with the hard landings.
Thanks unrauv the compliment is much appreciated.

I am working hard on updating the design to incorporate a few weak spots that showed up in the glide tests and initial build. My current plan is to fly the next one before going and detailing one out.
It is coming along just slowly. The redesigns are done just updating the plans to get ready for airframe #2. I have ever intention of flying this iteration for better or worse.
I have cut 1/16" ply with a knife. Mostly straight lines though. The tip float in the pictures I cut with a scroll saw. I imagine you will need some kind of saw to cut the 1/8" ply pieces.

A note on the 1/8" ply pieces. I plan on using liteply for these parts but feel free to use what you want.


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Downloaded your plans. Thank you!
Not sure of when it will hit the building board, there is a lot of planes on my list for this building season.
Just created an account to say that I downloaded the plans. Thanks for all the work you're doing on this. I'll definitely be following along closely.
Thanks for letting me know doog.

I hope to have some build updates and tiled plans posted here soon.

I am scheduled for have surgery on the 21st and would really like to get a build of the current plans done by then.