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F-22 Raptor Scratch Build


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I just bought a sheet of 1/2 inch pink Home Depot insulation foam and I was wondering if I could build the 22in model with it. Would I need to sand down the leading edges?


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The original one Dekan did was 10mm EPP (so your foam is a little over 1/8 in thicker)
If you scroll through the thread on rcgroups there have been many different variations built with different building materials.
I don't think I've seen one with such thick foam though...
Is there a Dollar Tree anywhere around in your area?
I like what Josh did using the thicker foam for the fuse/nose of the plane and dollar tree foam for the rest of it.
Great episode.. Very much enjoyed it... Wow to Bixler... Talked that long without taking a breath.... Speaking about being long winded... Great job on the edit guys, know that time is very limited. To StoneKap: Missed Josh Scott in this episode.
It was not an overnight build for me, it's only my 2nd foam scratch built. But I'll be make sure I have one of these with me at all times. Lots of fun.

0602122120.jpg 0602122120a.jpg
Yea, I used dollar tree board with the paper on and then used Blue Duct tape along all the edges and covered the body in it. That way my edges are all sealed, and it came out looking great. I seem to have to have a bit of up elavotor to keep it trimmed, I'm starting to wonder if my contor rods are flexing a bit.
Nice build. I'm going to buy that cheap dollar tree foam board, hope it works well. Will steal a little bit of that excellent duct tape idea, after I spray paint mine gray... Waiting on HK to ship out my stuff. It's been a week already D:<
my modular build

finished my build last night . i used a modular fuselage so i can use my power plant on other planes .
used 2 x a1 sheets of foam board .

IMAG0182.jpg IMAG0184.jpg IMAG0187.jpg IMAG0188.jpg IMAG0189.jpg IMAG0190.jpg IMAG0191.jpg IMAG0192.jpg IMAG0193.jpg IMAG0216.jpg
jamiedco. Looking nice.

rcmaniac098202, here are some more pictures of what I did with the dollar tree foam board. It only took 1 sheet, but you have to lay it out perfectly. I'd buy 2.

DSCF3674 (Medium).JPG DSCF3675 (Medium).JPG

Flitetest.. Where did you reinforce your build at? did you use carbon fiber or extreme packing tape at all? Thanks.
They are 4mm siligna dowels . and there is one threw the middle . im going to fly on Sunday for the first time with this plane and im a bit worried . with my luck i will break it in half . i made the fuselage modular so i can strap it to another wing like a nutball or funbat . that way i can carry on flying after i total one of my planes.
I like that modular power plant. For your first flight I'd probably have a little bit of up elavator into the trim (I'd rather have a plane tend to climb than dive when I first fly it) and make sure your motor spins the correct way for a pusher and for the prop you are using, and your prop is mounted properly for a pusher. You may know all this, if you do, my apologies.
i have normal props . but i have reversed the rotation and mounted the leading edge facing forward to give the correct rotation . i will trim up but with my specific mix settings it will take a bit of messing around to get the elevons level. no need to apoligise about sharing knowledge .
Hope all goes well. Tossing from the wing was a lot easier that I thought it would be, by the way. And this plane is A LOT of FUN!

Good Luck!
Thanks for the pictures Pigworthy. I'll probably be picking up ~5-6 to build more of these suckers :D. I assume that the top motor mount is a lot easier than the mid motor mount. I might just slap on some bamboo skewers to reinforce that area in front of the motor :p.

Unfortunately, it's been over a week, and HK is taking forever to ship my parts. Made 2 orders, one with backordered items, one without. Just checked my backordered order, and looks like HK chucked in a free Turnigy label lol. I might put it on just for kicks. Getting pretty bored waiting for those electronics :p. I'm probably gonna take a trip to Dollar Tree right now.

Also, what prop do you guys use?
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