F4U Black Corsair


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Corsair f4u basic spec:
Wingspan: 1155mm
Lenght: 890mm
Weight: 920gr without battery
Motor: Tgy dt750 (rewound)
Propeller: 12x6
Battery: 3s2200
Material: foamboard and coated paper or poster board.

Maiden flight:

Here is my design,
View attachment 40958 View attachment 40959 View attachment 40960 View attachment 40961 View attachment 40962 View attachment 40963

View attachment 42742 (edited/tiled by SP0NZ)

View attachment 41944
View attachment 41941
View attachment 42299 (powerpod corrected)
View attachment 42472 (skin "D" corrected)
Hey Alp. I'm having trouble getting the wing lined up. Very large gap left in both wings. Is this normal or have I done something wrong? I followed the plan precisely.


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Alp, I was wondering the same thing. I am just about ready for painting mine. Thanks for the great design. My build went well though figuring out the control rod locations took some trial and error. I used carbon fiber rods to reinforce the tail surfaces. I'm adding a pilot that will sit on poster board over the servos in he cockpit. Still working on the canopy.yours looks great. I'd like to make it removable to provide access to the servos. So, let's see how some of the others out there did with their corsairs.
Hey rich. Nice job. I'm nearly done with mine. Wondering how you fabricated the dummy radial engine seen from the front, that is behind the prop? I'd really like to do something similar to mine.


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Where is the CG?

Alp, Did you post what the cg is for the corsair? I might have missed it but I didn't see it on the plans anywhere. My corsair is just about ready to maiden. Just need to know where you have the CG located.
Rich, could you post some detail pics of the dummy radial in your model? Very nice detail. I'd like to do something similar in mine.