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Texan AT6

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That was awesome Alp. Great job. What was your canopy made with? And your landing gear? The plans look very interesting.
Sorry, I haven't canopy and landing gear plan. I used candy box, i cut a piece of rectangular shape and bend with hair dryer. Front and rear canopy was marked and cut. After connected them with electrical tape.
Here is my diy wire bender and at6 legs.
Ps: wheel diameter 70mm, wire dia. 3mm.
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FT CAD Gremlin
I'm currently working on editing Alp's plans at his request. I know CSCW is chomping at the bit to have them by this weekend, and I'm going to try and make that happen. I will send them to Alp to approve and then they will be posted here and in the plans index thread (links in my signature below).

Really great job on this design Alp! Keegan (AkimboGlueGuns) is building the F4U Corsair for the forum build contest. I think I will hold off on the corsair and build this one first. :cool: