F4U Black Corsair


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Corsair f4u basic spec:
Wingspan: 1155mm
Lenght: 890mm
Weight: 920gr without battery
Motor: Tgy dt750 (rewound)
Propeller: 12x6
Battery: 3s2200
Material: foamboard and coated paper or poster board.

Maiden flight:

Here is my design,
View attachment 40958 View attachment 40959 View attachment 40960 View attachment 40961 View attachment 40962 View attachment 40963

View attachment 42742 (edited/tiled by SP0NZ)

View attachment 41944
View attachment 41941
View attachment 42299 (powerpod corrected)
View attachment 42472 (skin "D" corrected)
Sorry to point this out but the (powerpod corrected) version has an error. On the powerpod itself in the plans you have a "B" fold notated but the picture or visual description of the fold is of an "A" fold, which as you know, results in a different height and width of the finished product. Just letting you know.


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SKuhn68 - I had to fiddle with all of the poster board. I think one of the slots in skin D was a little too short.


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New Aerofoil?

As you know a lot depends on your choice of motor. I'm using a power 10 size motor which has good power. I've tried several props including 3 blade 11x7, 4 blade 10x8, 2 blade 12x6 and 11x8. They all worked ok but I would like to get more speed. It just isn't as fast as the store bought corsair. I'm going to try 4-cell lipo if it will fit in the battery compartment. Your plane will fly with the 10x7 but performance might be lacking.

Hi Richb2599,

I'm just wondering if you have tried a new aerofoil? perhaps Nick may've done one? Anyone who could put a new speed-wing up that would be fantastic as this is a great plane but more power just ballons.

I loved my first one so much I'm building another one. I'll do a new wing if it hasn't already been done?

Thanks for such an amazing plane Alp.


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I didn't try a different airfoil but that could contribute to more speed. Alp's wing is pretty thick at the fuselage. I don't have my corsair anymore but I have used Alp's build techniques to create a Hellcat and a Hawker Sea Fury including flaps and retracts. I still have those and fly them on 4s. They scoot along pretty good. Also the AT6 Texan is another great design by Alp.


Another maiden.


It was a fun build, and I should have spent more time on my paint job.

With my 28x26 Prop-drive motor, 9x6 prop, and 3s 2200mAh, it is more like a war-bird shaped glider. I get 10 minutes of flight.

Thank you Alp, for sharing.
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[QUOTE = "SP0NZ, publicación: 180740, miembro: 10509"] Alp,

¿Te importaría si reorganizo tus planes para una tabla de espuma 20x30 y los coloco en las impresoras Letter y A4 de EE. UU.? [/ QUOTE]
Hola Sp0nz, podrías preparar los planos de Alp para el hawker tempest para carta y A4 ?.
Gracias por adelantado.