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The plans are very specific about where to put the CG on my new plane. I did a static balancing for that spot and then, as an experiment, tried glide testing.

Since I’ve never done this before I’m not sure how to launch properly and what to look for. The plane seemed okay as specified. But also seemed okay—at least to my untrained eye—to glide well over about an inch of battery positions. It only nosed in or stalled if I went to extremes.

How do I read the subtle differences in results within that mid-range?


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Your results are correct, CG is a range. I would start with the recommended CG. When you get the plane trimmed you can experiment with the CG to suit your flying preference. The recommended CG is “usually” conservative, about 25% of the total wing area (mean average cord), providing a good deal of stability. As you move the CG aft, your plane will become more unstable. Everyone has they own preference, I think a bit of instability is fun, just don’t over do it. My preference is about 30% CG, you may prefer more or less stability than I do.
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