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OFFICIAL AirShowRC.com Video Collection Thread


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Now that your getting warmed up, First I will post the
Oldies but Goodies.

Here is a video I took when I went along for the maiden
flight of the RC Lander MiG-17 CNC Prototype in Shenzhen China
March 30, 2009. At the end you can hear my laughing at the end,
not because it was funny, but because I could not believe what
just happened...



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Vertigo Rebel success glider test before production Airshow RC.com

The Rebel is a figment of my imagination.
When I designed it, I wanted something different.
Different from say a Bobcat.
After the design and molds came the glide test.
I made an "egg shell" copy.
Very thin epoxy composite shell with no wood formers.
This is the result, We were very happy as you can hear
me in the video at the 709th Research Institute Wuhan China.



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VERTIGO B-26 "Shootin' In" R/C Recreation from AirShow R/C Suppliers

This is a novelty video of my VERTIGO B-26 design.
Video editing to make it look like a full size aircraft.



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VERTIGO "Venture" Maiden Flight Airshowrc.com

The maiden flight video of my design, VERTIGO Venture.
After this initial flight, all was trimmed and the Venture
became a very successful model.