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OFFICIAL AirShowRC.com Video Collection Thread


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I'm' getting the Giant F-22 ready to fly again.
The vertical stabs have been rebuilt and I have also done other small repairs.
Next is a new power system and batteries.


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Still one of my all time favorite AirShowRC Videos...
Commemorative Air Force in Mesa Arizona Falcon Field 02/18/12
This is how I spent my Saturday afternoon. Thanks to Bill Nagle and all the great guys at the Commemorative Air Force in Mesa Arizona. Thanks for the invite.
See rare flying WWII aircraft, fighter and bombers.

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Denver RC Eagles Model Flying Club

With my relocation to Colorado, I had to find a new flying club.
My first day there was just great. Met some of the guys and
flew myself several times. More videos from this field to come!



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Revisiting my very first Youtube video. I was in CHina at the RCLander factory in Shenzhen when Tim took me out to test fly his new design CNC cut MiG-17. What happens at landing is unbelievable! My nervous laughter wasn't because it was funny, It was because I could not believe my eyes.
Comments welcome.

AirShowRC.com SHOCKING! Car Smashes Huge R/C Jet Crash!

Surprise Ending to a great maiden flight of RC Landers new MiG-17 Huge Foam Jet CRASH Brought to you by AirShowrc.com