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*Unofficial* FT Simple Cub


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No worries. It's landings like that one that makes you appreciate Flite Test airplanes. Some hot glue and tape and it's ready to fly again. In the worst cases you get to build another one even better! That's a treat! (y)

Isn't it funny how with all the nice grass around you the airplane found the asphalt?

Yeah that is pretty funny. :D

On that flight, the only damage was some wrinkles on the nose, loose firewall, few wrinkles on the wingtips, and the landing gear. Come to find out, the firewall part was going to fail anyways seeing as I had only a small strip of tape reinforcing it. Not sure how I overlooked it.

I flew it some more yesterday and while the high rates issue is fixed (incorrect high rates were part of the problem for that crash), it suffered some more damage and crashing...kinda similar flight characteristics to the maiden. This time it did damage the firewall so have to replace it. Luckily not any more damage than that that I can tell. I will say, I do more damage to power pods/firewalls than any other part of the plane. :eek: I think I am going to re-examine the CG marking too. Where it's at now, it balances like exactly level. May shift the battery a tad for more nose down and see if it helps. I really shouldn't have flown yesterday anyways...we had wind gusts between 7-10mph, but alas, I got anxious! :oops:
I built mine without any dihedral and an increase in wing incidence. Even without dihedral it has plenty of stability, (pendulum). It putts around at half throttle without any issues and lands very slow.
Aileron turns are simple as are rudder only turns you just need to be gentle on the controls when initiating the turn.

Been flying mine for around 6 months without any real issues, (except for the wing incidence which when too low caused it to fly like a bit of a dog).

Biggest killers of the Simple cub are poor builds, the wing incidence, and the old radio Loss of Signal!

Just my experience!

have fun!
Hi there,

Could you explain what you did with the wing incidence. I'm going to start building one in the next week or so and I want to make sure I get it right the first time around.




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Hi there,

Could you explain what you did with the wing incidence. I'm going to start building one in the next week or so and I want to make sure I get it right the first time around.


Firstly I built the Simple cub to the plan except that I did not use any dihedral, (I built my wing flat), and I used large commercial wheels, (about 3 inch diameter). On test flying it I found that the cub behaved exactly as a lot of forum users complained. Less than stable, would not fly slowly, and tended to fall out of the sky and crash when slowing down for landing.

I altered the wing incidence in a manner that is fully reversible. First I ensured that the wing was sittinf flush with the wing sadlle area and then slipped a paddle pop stick between the wing leading edge and the front of the wing saddle so that the front of the wing was lifted by the thickness of the paddle pop stick.

Further test flying with the paddle pop stick fitted showed that the plane now floats on landing, flies very slowly and takes off after a very small ground run! it is so much better that I now use it to give newbie pilots a bit of diverse flight experience during their learning to fly.

Have fun!
Had some new foam board to try so did some plan mods and came up with this little beauty :)

IMG_20190529_225322.jpg IMG_20190529_225341.jpg

New foam board has no paper backing so modified the plans to take this into account and used a few 3D printed parts for the undercarriage mount and motor mount. Rear wheel set up is just a 3D printed sleeve that goes over the bottom of the rudder and has the wheel and axle set into it and secured.
Opted for a single servo aileron on this wing as I raided the parts of a retired plane and it saved adding a new servo as the single set up works really well, especially as I decided not to add dihedral on the wing.
Motor for maiden was a DYS 2826 1000kv spinning a 9x6 APC style prop.

Managed a maiden last night and it's not bad at all! First flight was dialling in the trim and control throws, then second flight I decided to play a little more with it but nothing too crazy! Impressed with the feel in the air though definitely.
Just fluffed the landing on the second flight though - found it's tip stall point and managed to bend the motor shaft so it now has a 1400kv in it's place spinning the same 9x6 prop.

Looking forward to having some more stick time with this little thing - lovely relaxing flying.

Maiden flight video taken on hat cam...

Second flight taken by my other half - her first attempt at filming using a DSLR camera!
So I fixed the Simple Cub up after a terrible build, terrible maiden and horrible crash but for the life of me I haven't been able to and can't get the CG right!!! It is very tail heavy and even with the motor mount flush with the nose and the battery in, it is still nose heavy! Any suggestions?

2212 970KV 1050 prop 1500 3s lipo