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What to do if your foam sheet has no "protecting paper" on it?

Hi guys, I'm brazilian and here there is no dollar tree, in other words, the foam here is expensive and hard to find, I bought Depron and it didn't come with that paper on it, I am going to make a FT Mustang and I am afraid of braking it while doing the wing. Do you have any idea of how I should do it? And also, do you know how long does hobby king take to ship their stuff for Orlando and if there is a faster shipping(and the price of it), thx.


Flite is good
For the foam you have, I skinned the outside with packing tape then used it just as I do the DTFB.

As far as Hobby King shipping, you roll the dice, you takes your chances.


Master Tinkerer
If you listened to flitetests latest podcast, they talk a bit about what Flitetest Foam is..

Basically, they are working with Adams plastics (inc.) to get foam board shipped to Australia and other places outside the US. Also, this means that you no one will have to find an alternative even if there isn't a dollar tree store near them. :applause: