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  1. Maingear

    Kraken Incident Report

    Built Kraken exactly as published with suppo gear and metal gear servos. 10 gauge harness from batt to ESCs. Both esc would not run on a 2c 5000mah batt (within spec of electrical system) in lipo mode(1). Consulted suppo factory and recomended manually checking cells to ensure min voltage not...
  2. N

    Esc Placement and wire length

    Hi everyone, I built a nice Aerial image and video platform on the Tarot Fy680 frame buying the motors and ESC's from buildyourowndrone.co.uk, upgrading to 11 inch props and larger 30 amp ESC's from Jdrones. So far so good, flies so well, it's very powerful and has no problem lifting the cam...
  3. Vlad

    Old Speedster ESC help needed

    So I am looking to build a pair of Old Speedsters so that my grandfather (a former private pilot) and myself (only trained on combat simulators and a full scale Cessna 172) to get into the hobby. I have done a little flying with a S.E.5a from flyzone that I burned the ESC out on within a month...
  4. M

    Castle Creations 35amp esc no power on

    Hi Guys, have a quick question. Recently i installed 4 Castle Creations 35amp esc on my quad. The problem i'm having is getting 3 of them to power on. 3 are non bec and 1 is. The one that has a bec powers on fine and spins the motor no problem, i also use this one in the number 1 position on...
  5. M

    Mystery M-30 esc no tones for programming

    Hey everyone, got a quick question for yall. I have 4 Mystery M-30 esc's installed on my new v-tail. I want to program them so I do this: Plug 1 esc into throttle port on my receiver. Full throttle on transmitter and power it on. Plug in battery. then...........nothing, no tones only heat in...
  6. S

    Fried ESC

    Hi- FT has gotten me into RC and I've started a build of the FT old speedster. During the setup, I was able to test the motor and servos fine. After I had completed the build and went to test, the ESC burned up. Wondering what went wrong. Here's the part list: - Suppo 18A brushless ESC - 2...
  7. C

    New ESC, no beeps :(

    Hello all, I'm an utter noob with regards to RC so please take everything I type with a grain of salt. Before you ask, I have looked through a couple of other ESC tread problems and they all seem to be a bit of a different falvor then mine. What I have: Turnigy Trust 55Amp SBEC NTM 35-36...
  8. L

    ESC Calibration and fast beeping

    Hello, I am new to building a multirotor so please help me understand what the problem I'm experiencing and how to solve it as I'm still lacking some understanding. I am using Turnigy 25A Plush ESC with HK 3.0 Flight Board. Before I had calibrated my ESC with my tx, my motors would start at...
  9. F

    Trouble with Suppo ESC/motor

    Greetings! This is my first post. I've been lurking for a while and I've finally reached the point where I need to reach out for some advice. So I've just finished building my first FT Spitfire. She looks pretty good considering my limited experience with scratch building. I'm installing the...
  10. C

    Lazertoyz"beef" package 20amp ESC a little on the small side?

    Hello all, I'm relatively new to the hobby so maybe I'm missing something but is the 20amp ESC in the lazertoyz beef package for the sipfire a little light? I hooked up a meeter and I'm pulling 21amps at full throttle with all the supplied equipment including the prop. The kit has (1)1...
  11. RedTwenty

    SimonK Flashed Multistar ESC overheating?

    Okay, so I am not having much luck with multi's at the moment :( Here is the story... The other week whilst flying FPV my SK450 Deadcat dropped out of the sky. It was the first time I had flown it for any length of time (i.e. more than one battery). It was flying along happily and then suddenly...
  12. P

    favourite SkyIII 20A esc

    Anyone have the directions that come with the Favourite SkyIII 20a ESC from Lazertoyz? I think I need to adust the timing but without the directions to the programming sequence I cannot. I've emailed Lazertoyz but they haven't had time to reply to my email. I assume they are swamped with...
  13. dwardio

    Lengthen battery leads on 30A ESC?

    I have an ESC from HK that came with 2.5" leads to both the battery and the motor. Looking at the FT-22 build video, I can see that he has lengthened all five leads. So here's my question-- What is the best way to solder two lengths of wire together lengthwise? (In this case it's 16 AWG.)...
  14. S

    size of esc? bigger better?

    okay here is my question. Say you know that your motor is going to pull 18 amps can you put in a 40 amp esc and will it work fine no problems?
  15. W

    Need help with ESC

    I'm building my first quad and want to know what esc would you buy Afro or Multistar both look good but one is simonk and the other is not please help :confused:
  16. S

    Can a 30A ESC with 2A BEC support 4 or even 6 HXT900 servos?

    After some kind guys on here talked me down from a 2200KV motor for my first plane (FT Swappable Trainer with 4 servos), I now have a NTM Prop Drive 28-26 1200KV in my sights for it. I'm part way through the build, and also have a Versa Wing cut out! I would like to use a Turnigy 30A Plush 2A...
  17. L

    Restricted motor amperage

    New to the hobby and having trouble setting up my first power system. Doing some bench test with a wattmeter to verify its operation before installing on the plane. I am only getting 10 A from a motor that is capable of handling 40. I have gone through all of the ESC programming options and...
  18. Bob_Curtains

    R and Esc Help Needed!

    Hi Guys, need help. Went to the flying field today with my newly completed FT Racer with "the Beef" power setup from Lazertoyz. I have a Spectrum DX5e Tx with a ARE 00 RX. I plugged in the new ESC to the RX throttle input and plugged in battery. Tried servos and working ok. Tried motor and...
  19. J

    selling my multi rotor parts on ebay

    motors, esc, board... 4x DT750/6247 hexTronik DT750 Brushless Outrunner 750kv 4x TR_P30A/2164 TURNIGY Plush 30amp Speed Controller Hobbyking KK2.0 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board http://www.ebay.com/itm/321281438128?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649...