1. W

    IMPORTANT : Old RX-TX + New Servos/UBEC/ESC

    Hey guys, Ill gonna make myself thrown into the hobby and gonna take my dad back with me so my questions will be about "modernizing" or "old and new" items used together. ( ill post pics of all the material i have ) So my dad is going to prepare his stuff to fly glow and a rebuilt glider. My...
  2. S

    Power System Help

    Hi, I needed some help putting together a power system that for a slow stick plane. Here's the link to some stuff I picked out Please check it out and do let me know if its good or...
  3. W

    Choosing a receiver

    How do u choose a receiver? I'm very new to this hobby and I was hoping to buy one of the quick build kits. I have a dx4e transmitter from a previous aircraft but I'm having trouble finding a receiver. How do I know which receiver will work and which one is best for me? I looked and didn't see...
  4. C

    Problem with my Naze32 ..

    :confused: Hi everyone I got a new naze32 board and when I connect my receiver to the board the board isn't picking up the data correctly. The sliders on the basefilght are constently changing without a transmitter input. you can see the sudden change in the receiver sliders as i pug my...
  5. P

    Can Tx be hacked to connect an arduino?

    Can either Spectrum or FrSky or Turnigy based transmitters be hacked to talk to arduino based micro-controller? Is there an easier way to connect to & use just a module for this purpose?
  6. S

    Receiver advice for AnyLink transmitter

    Dear all, I am super excited to have ordered the swappable speed built kit (3 models!) and the electronics kit from Lazerytoys! I can't wait for the package to arrive. In the mean, I am building an FT Flyer from scratch to keep me busy. I am looking for advice on what receiver to get... I...
  7. Airwolf

    FOX-800A 1,2GHz VTx - Problem?

    Hi, I have a problem with my FOX-800A 1,2GHz VTx I bought a few months ago from a second-hand. It only seems to transmit on a single channel - no matter which channel I choose receiver gets video only on a channel 2. It's also very sensitive to any obstacles and antennae positions (even if the...
  8. Bob_Curtains

    R and Esc Help Needed!

    Hi Guys, need help. Went to the flying field today with my newly completed FT Racer with "the Beef" power setup from Lazertoyz. I have a Spectrum DX5e Tx with a ARE 00 RX. I plugged in the new ESC to the RX throttle input and plugged in battery. Tried servos and working ok. Tried motor and...
  9. Fbords

    2 x Spektrum Receivers for sale

    I have a pair of 6 channel AR6100 DSM2 receivers that I've never used. Never even bound them to a transmitter. I ordered 3 of them online a while back and never had the need to use these 2 in anything. Looking for $30 for the pair and I'll throw in shipping. They're great lightweight rx's for...
  10. eagle4

    can you get a module to work with these recievers

    Hey gang, I've recently upgraded from a cheap hobbyking radio up to a Taranis, I was just wondering if it was possible to get a module that would allow me to use my old receivers. This is the receiver. I know there are...
  11. B

    D8R-ii plus

    Hi, I just got the D8R-ii plus for my RC quad copter but I cant figure out what all the channels are. I have read the user manuals too. Could you guys help me find the 1-8 channels. Thank you.
  12. M

    Show idea: differences between TX/RX frequencies and systems (35MHz,2.4GHz,UHF,etc)

    I think this is a confusing topic for many who started off this hobby recently. What advantages are there to each system, range, interference, flying areas, how does it affect video signals for FPV flights, etc.
  13. MudMan

    Antennas and aerials

    Thought it might be good to put all the antenna and aerial questions in one spot. There's a lot of information out there and it can be hard to find. So here is my question: Is bigger better? ie could you put say the antenna from the cb in your 4x4 on your transmitter and expect better results...
  14. N

    Dual FASST Receiver Set Up

    Hello First post here, i got fed up at all the big shots on other forums acting complete prats. i am pricing up a 100cc set up at the moment and i am a bit confused on how/what i need for a dual r608 FASST set up, i would use a power box and i just dont know how to wire it up, how to bind E.X.T...
  15. S

    Hobbyking Receiver Channels

    Hey guys! I'm currently building my first RC aircraft, which is going to be a micro quadcopter, using the same parts as the guys from Flite Test did on theirs. So far everything is going well, but I do have one thing that has confused me a bit. In the video about setting up the Hobbyking Flight...
  16. C

    HK Bixler RX problem

    Hi guys! Got the RTF Bixler from HK yesterday. I put it together, turned it on, everything was ok. It was too dark to go out, so I waited a day. Today I turned it on again, to test if everything was okay before going out. Everything was ok. I went out, plugged in the battery and nothing but a...