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  1. J

    Would love to see a Taranis review or a whole bunch of radios

    There has been lots of reviews on head to head with everything from fpv, to batteries and even different plane/multi rotor styles (y, v-tail, x) but not much on the different options of transmitters. I know its hard to change from one you love but I have a taranis and would love to see it and...
  2. T

    FrSky Taranis X9d with extras! $275 obo

    FrSky Taranis X9d with extras! $275 obo (sold) I have a FrSky Taranis X9D RC transmitter. Everything is practically new. I bought it from a guy who only used it a couple times and I haven't used it because I would spend to much time playing with it instead of my airplanes. It uses an open...
  3. J

    Second Hand Flyzone Select Super Cub newbie motor/esc question

    First of all- thank you to whoever helps me find my issue. I am new to flight (less than 2 months) and even newer to planes (less than 24 hours) and don't have friends local to ask for help. I shot a quick video of the issue for those of you visual people like myself...
  4. R

    Taranis X9D Plus Radio Question.

    I have a Taranis X9D Plus Radio - Mode 2, But when I go into CleanFlight to check out the Receiver tab settings it shows the left stick is set to Roll. Does anyone know how to make the changes so the Left stick is Throttle and the Right stick is Roll? Thanks
  5. B

    FlySky module binding issue

    I'm looking at upgrading my TGY 9x Radio for the FrSky Taranis. However having 10 models each with their own 9xV2 RX makes the upgrade much more expensive than first thought when considering changing out all the receivers. I've looked into the FlySky module with the idea of using that to bind my...
  6. P

    OrangeRX Module Taranis needing to ReBind

    Hello pilots, I have a Taranis and got the OrangeRX module for my smaller crafts. I am having to rebind my models when ever I want to fly a different model. Some of my questions are: Is there something I am missing or is this just how external modules work? What are the optimal settings in the...
  7. O

    Taranis X9D PLUS - Deal!! for US lower 48 states only.

    Good afternoon everyone. I've been chatting it up with Bruce Dally at Ubuyadrone.com. Now I don't know Bruce personally but I do know that he runs a little online hobby shop based out of Florida, and I also know that he has secured a number (35 i think) of Taranis X9D Plus, transmitters and is...
  8. D

    Help needed : Self Level + KK2 + Taranis

    Hello, I am unsuccessfully trying to assign the SL to a switch on the Taranis . I am using the CH5 and the SF stick , all look good , but the KK2 still shows SL off. Thoughts ? Thanks, David
  9. D

    beginner needs help with KK2 + Taranis + Tricopter setup !

    Please help, I finally got all the parts but im a bit confused how to connect everything ! I connected the RX to KK2 (the new on with remote display ) CH1 A CH2 E CH3 T CH4 R CH5 Aux Rx is bound to the Taranis and i have the green light on the RX Now, when I finally armed the KK2...
  10. Kurt0326

    Fr Sky Taranis Haptic Feedback Mod

    I got my package in today from helibatics.com, can't wait to install. One other thing I will need to do is to update my Taranis to ver 1.2. I hear that it's still in testing still so... more to come in the future. Update: 6-5-14 So I installed the Mod and installed v1.2 firmware. Haptic...
  11. T

    ExUHF range check mode help

    Hi everyone, I'm just getting into uhf and I bought a ezuhf Jr module with an 8 channel diversity receiver. I have tried to get it into range check mode (after binding and with the rx connected to the computer to show rssi for each antenna) however I'm not sure if I've managed to get it in the...
  12. ericf

    9xr transmitter and orange open lrs for fpv

    Hey everyone, I am doing some research on fpv and I have a question. Is anyone using the turnigy 9xr and orange open lrs module for fpv? Just wondering how reliable everyone thinks it is. I hate to "go cheap" on my radio link, but the price sure is enticing and the 9xr seems favorable. My...
  13. eagle4

    can you get a module to work with these recievers

    Hey gang, I've recently upgraded from a cheap hobbyking radio up to a Taranis, I was just wondering if it was possible to get a module that would allow me to use my old receivers. This is the receiver. http://hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=18962 I know there are...