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  1. RCdiy

    Taranis Q X7 Battery Run Time

    http://rcdiy.ca/taranis-q-x7-battery-run-time/ I’ve posted an article and a video going over run time tests using different batteries with the Taranis Q X7. A the end of the of the post and video I provide two simple formulas. The first calculates the required battery capacity to meet a...
  2. muteFPV

    Cheap and Easy mods and accessories for the FrSky Taranis X9D

    Being myself a happy owner of the Taranis X9D+, I was looking for ways to easily modify it so that it stands out from all the other transmitters. "Everyone" has one -or should have one- and that is a good thing. The FrSky Taranis X9D Plus is an awesome transmitter for the price, with endless...
  3. R

    Taranis Plus Telemetry Accelerometer Logging Scale - HELP

    I recently got the telemetry logging to work on my Taranis Plus and was excited to see how many Gs I was pulling on hard turns with my racing quadcopter. Unfortunately, the accelerometer data is not scaled properly, it is responding correctly to movements, but the resting z-axis force is...
  4. L

    Can't arm Naze32 when Telemetry and SoftwareSerial enabled

    I just finished building a QAV250 with a Naze32 rev6 with Cleanflight and a Taranis X9D Plus with a X4R RX. I have everything wired together correctly, as I can receive telemetry and see the control inputs in the configurator sometimes. The problem is that, when I have telemetry and softserial...
  5. jamieFL

    Taranis' Variable Proportional Elevator Trim (OpenTX)

    Taranis' Variable Proportional Elevator Trim (OpenTX) For those flying with the FrSky Taranis or the new Horus, I want to share a quick little function that will automatically adjust your elevator trim as the speed of your model changes. It should only take about 5 minutes to add to any of your...
  6. Webcrowd

    Taranis FrSky Smart Port sensors Question

    Hello!! I have a question about the FrSky sensors and the their use in the chain. With the smart port sensors can you have 3 x FrSky SP-FLVS - Smart Port Lipo Voltage Sensor checking the voltage of 3 different packs? I was not sure if you can run multiple or if you can only have 1 type of...
  7. P

    Labor day weekend flying .

    https://vimeo.com/181420500 I have several but this is probably the best one.
  8. rockyboy

    Taranis Single Stick Build

    Like a few dozen other people I've been eagerly awaiting a Single Stick transmitter based on the excellent FrSky Taranis radio platform. Wayne over at Aloft Hobbies teased the world with a prototype back in Feb 2015 and it was love at first sight for me: But that was a long time ago. And in...
  9. P

    X4R and Taranis Binds only over USB

    Just got my first quad set up and am having some issues binding up the X4r and the Taranis. When I have the Kiss FC plugged in via USB, I am able to bind to the X4R. After I have everything calibrated, unplug the USB and plug a LiPo in to the PDB, the X4R doesn't seem to be powered. Any...
  10. RCdiy

    OpenTx Taranis Wireless Training

    Taranis Wireless Trainer Link DSM2 Hardware http://rcdiy.ca/wireless-buddy-link-dsm2/ I have posted my wireless trainer link Tx modification. This uses a DSM2 CPPM micro receiver installed in the module bay at the same time as my DSMX/DSM2 Tx module. OpenTx Wireless Trainer Link Settings...
  11. RCdiy

    OpenTx Lua Getting Started & Some Fun Scripts

    Here are some articles I've posted: http://rcdiy.ca/telemetry-scripts-getting-started/ - what is a telemetry script - sample script - setting up and runnng your first script http://rcdiy.ca/battery-capacity-remaining/ - calculates and displays the remaining battery mAh - FrSky 40A sensor but...
  12. RCdiy


    I've been learning to fly since 2014 and recently decided to document my experience and give back to this generous community. Within the past few weeks I've written OpenTx Lua Scripts that I have made available to everyone. If you would like to know more about these scripts or would like me to...
  13. M

    KissFC XSR Taranis telemetry not showing battery voltage

    I can't get the telemetry working with my setup. I have set up the KissFC with the receiver as the KissFC manual said and have the receiver type set to "FrSky SBUS" in the Kiss Chrome App. When I discover new sensors on my taranis I only get SWR, RSSI, RXBatt and A2. According to the manual...
  14. B

    Dr4-II Telemetry Not Working. PLEASE HELP!

    I picked up a D4R-II Rx for my quad and am having a hard time getting the telemetry to work. I have tried both options: 1. Wiring the green and black D4R telemetry wires to the telemetry port on the Naze32, then the VBat on the naze32 to the PDB. (enabled telemetry on Cleanflight) 2. Using...
  15. hotbrass2005

    Naze32 with Taranis - Throttle Issue

    I have been working on building up a ZMR 250 and have everything put together and flying now, but I have an issue with the transmitter/receiver that's got me baffled. I set up everything in cleanflight and it seems to be working, but my Taranis is giving no response for the first 20% on the...
  16. B

    hello from Vancouver BC Canada - shopping for a transmitter

    hello from Vancouver BC Canada. i'm new to the forum, and also new to the RC world. i'm looking for advice on buying a transmitter/receiver/controller. i just built my Versacopter V2 and i was originally planning to buy the Graupner MZ-12 & GR-18 combo from FT, but it was out of stock at the...
  17. D

    First Fixed Wing and First Build: FT Tiny Trainer Wings

    Finally the Holidays are over. I could move the glass table top and finish my first fixed wing build the Flite Test Tiny Trainer! Thank you to everyone at Flite Test who worked on the FT Tiny Trainer. I would not have an air plane with out Flite Test! So does this look anything like the...
  18. D

    OpenTX / Taranis Dual rates

    Hi there. Not new to RC, but new to fixed wings. I have a Taranis Plus and would like to program dual rates for my FT Tiny Trainer. I would like to have them on a switch say Switch C up for high rates, Switch C middle for midle rate, and Switch C down for low rates. Where do I set this up...
  19. T

    Versacopter Bitmap for Taranis Radio

    I just thought I would share a bitmap I made for the model image of the Versacopter for your Taranis Radio... Enjoy;)
  20. Andre

    Andre Gets A Taranis.

    Oddly enough I never had an intention to own a Taranis it just sort of happened. If you listen to the recent podcast you'll hear the back store. I'd gone for a flight with the Sukhoi and accidentally lifted off in Stagility mode/ high rates. "Really wish my radio would talk to me..." Plus as...