Easy converting FT swappable free plans to CAD


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I was just reading Mike Robey "a flite test inspired Hurricane" article

in his article he said that he traced over the FT plan with his CAD software to make a DXF file.

while tracing works, it's slow and you can make errors.

the easiest way I know of making a CAD file from the FT free plans is as follows

1. download the FT free plan (which in PDF file format)
2. download a trial version of RHINO3D https://www.rhino3d.com/download
3. install and open Rhino then choose 'file' - 'import', then choose the FT free plan you just downloaded.
4. choose save as - DWG or DXF or any other type you want

and your done.


Thank you for this tip!

I tried this in Inkscape but it would make the vector lines very thick which my laser cutter didn't like.