F4U Black Corsair


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Pbarros, Nice job, mine feels a little heavy in the air as well but right now its my favorite plane to fly!! Perhaps because its my prettiest plane. What is your electronics setup?
Im using a 30 Amp ESC a DT-750 motor with APC 12x6 prop, and a 2200 mah 3S Battery. Also if you could take some close up pics of how you attach your battery that would be cool. I tried the battery door but had no luck so now I shove it in from the front and wedge it tightly with a few strips of DTFB.


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Hi Troutbum24. I'm using a 40 amp ESC, a D3536 1250KV motor and a 10x5 prop with a 3S battery. Far from a great setup, and the ideia is to prop up to have better response.
Now that I know she flies good, it's time to give a second coat of paint and add the decals.
As for the battery placement, I made a top hatch to have easy access to everything. Latter today I'll have some time and will take some pictures.


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Well, better latte than never...Here are the pics of the hatch. The hatch itself is held in place with two tips of skewers and a magnet. The Esc sits under the now non-removable power pod and above there is a strip of velcro for battery placement. This way I have a lot of space to adjust CG and it is easy to change Rx or whatever
WP_20151213_10_47_18_Pro.jpg WP_20151213_10_47_39_Pro.jpg WP_20151213_10_47_48_Pro.jpg WP_20151213_10_48_08_Pro.jpg
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Awesome. Thanks for pics. Looks simple to do. If I crash it and rebuild I will defiantly do that. Looks good and easy to access. Changing my battery is a pain for me.
Hi Alp motor assistance

Thanks for the plans my take on the F4U Corsair had a few issues as the foam board I get is 6mm had to do some mods.
Please could you assist in a motor size as my plane will probably be a bit heavy due to the thicker foam board.
Corsair project.JPG

Question the build Crosair

Good Day Mr Baris

Firstly I must thank you for the wonderful plans that you have made available to the flying community. Especially for those who can’t afford the real thing . Building from you plans was a real experience and I totally enjoyed the build. I have never flown a Corsair so this will be my first time. As well as my first Maiden I’m looking for as many pointers you could provide to check and look out for.

I have a few questions and can’t seem to find it on the forum (Flitetest) or I’m gust blind .which could be possible

1. Where will the CG be on the plane as it is not indicated on the plans, if I can recall I saw something about 3 inches from the leading edge. Not sure if I’m correct
2. How did you join the split elevator as I have tried several ways but keep putting stress on the servo.
3. The motor that I have to install is a EMAX GT 2812/10 and a 12 inch prop. Will that be good for the plane
4. The foam board that I am using is 6mm thick adding to the weight of the plane will that make much of a difference
5 How did you secure the power pod to the fuselage

I’m looking forward to you favourable response

Best Regards


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Agreed Baris did an awesome job on this plane. Here's my take on two of the questions you ask.
2. How did you join the split elevator as I have tried several ways but keep putting stress on the servo.
Use a U shaped bent 2mm wire and glue it to the elevator. I'm fairly sure he goes over it somewhere in this thread.

5 How did you secure the power pod to the fuselage. I originally glued mine in with a tiny bit of hot glue, however after a few crashes getting use to the plane I had to remove the poster paper on front 6 inches of plane and make a new one. before gluing on new paper I placed powerpod in place and secured it with two BBQ sticks and then laid the poster paper over it and marked holes for the sticks to go through. Im very happy with that way and it allows me to access powerpod at any time. I think since yours is already build and gluedup you could positon power pod how you want it and use some heated control rod to burn your way through the paper then the foam and out the other side. Do it in two places ( front and rear). Make sure you put some down and right thrust into your motor!
good luck


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Center wing piece wrong?

Hi guys. I know I'm late to the party here, but i just finished cutting out all the pieces for this and as I'm test fitting everything I notice an issue. According to the plans Sp0nz compiled, there is supposed to be a double bevel on the center piece that connects the two wings. The problem is, the double bevel on this piece does not line up with the double bevel on the wings. Is this an error, or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for any help here!

not a good flying experance

Built a Corsair but had issues with CG and linkage came off during flight i have had to add 130g to help with CG has any one had the same problem with CG

crash 2.jpg crash1.jpg Sugery 1.jpg reconstruction surgery 1.jpg reconstruction surgery 2.jpg