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FT style BAE Hawk / T-45 Goshawk


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Found a thread on rcgroups by eruji that I wanted to convert over and add a fold over wing for DTFB. Plans are pretty much done and the build is close so I thought I'd start this log.

Target will be to use the mini-power pod with an F pack. 26" wingspan.

<reserved for final pics>

<reserved for maiden vid>

Plans: **BETA** View attachment BAE_Hawk.pdf
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Oh yes! I cant wait till the plans are done! Im building this ASAP to put a little 45mm duct fan into!
Let me know if you want them as is. I just need to add the part labels and typically wait till I fly to put out plans. However another storm on Wed may prevent me from flying anytime soon.
Thanks for the plans. Looks fairly straight forward. I think Im going to try to build it as small as possible with my EDF to keep weight down. May even have to use lightening holes (triangles), to reduce weight, and cover it with some low temp covering I have. Not sure yet.


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Gonna have to ask the moderators to ban jpot1 for a while, just long enough for me to catchup building these great designs he&#8217;s been posting.

Looks great!