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I know nothing!
I think says it all! As they say one picture is worth a thousand words.
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BOTH!!??:eek::rolleyes: You are a madman let loose! I crashed the heck out of my Mini Scout today. I'm not challenging. I've got lots more flight time to accumulate before I move on. As you know I get it sort of when I can.

You are seriously pushing me towards building that DR1 I want to fly. You are one crazy son-of-a-gun, brother. I love you for it, and I love the way push you me to try as well.

I've got to fix my Mini Scout, and fly two more challenges and fix whatever comes from them. Then OK. I'm pushed. To me you are the currently most inspiring member of our international family. Thank you.


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Don't want to hijack. I tend to do that, and I'm learning not to. I'll send you a PM.
What does the title of my thread say?! FAMILY INCLUDED! And you my friend are family by now, I give you and anyone else the permission to hijack my thread any time. The whole point of this thread is to share every step of the journey that I go through, and not only flying related. I really don't care. I really want to be able to sit back after an year in the hobby and be able to relive the past year just by reading through every comment on the thread.

You are seriously pushing me towards building that DR1 I want to fly.
I'll take you on a challenge with that if you push me to a challenge over a KFM wing, you in?

To me you are the currently most inspiring member of our international family. Thank you.
Thank you. I am happy I inspire you, makes me want to share more and more of every second I go through in the hobby. So in regards to all the above I won't be able to go flying in the next week and a half due to the rainy weather that we are getting. Today is my daughter's birthday so we had both kids skip school and we are going on a family trip to the south. So with all the unable to go flying time I have, I at least hope to get some building time in, Simple Scout and Simple Storch here I come!


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I can’t go flying my FT Mini Scout cause it’s raining so I will soon sit down to continue building my FT Simple Scout. I was watching the build video and have a question, in the model information they are suggesting to use a b pack motor however on the build video Josh is using a f pack motor. What’s recommended? Will it fly with an f pack motor?


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@buzzbomb look what you made me do... You made me dare and build a Mini Scout. I decided to take your dare to my extreme and added the wheels to the build to try ground take offs. Something that I was afraid of after having an unsuccessful experience with this on the Simple Cub. I managed to do only one successful ground take off before I lost orientation of the plane and it crashed. I never had the chance to give it another try because the weather didn’t make that possible. I enjoyed the ground take off so much that I wanted to give another try but wanted a bigger plane that will be easier to track its orientation in the sky. Since my first ever successful ground take off was with Mini Scout I decided that this model will be a practicing model for this matter, exactly how the TT was for learning to fly. So let me present to you the Scout father and son, the FT Simple and FT Mini SCOUT!