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Scale Backcountry - Big Tire - STOL Planes Thread, Scale ONLY please :)


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It says in your signature that you have a Citibria in your hanger. When was this made? I am very interested in Citibria's at the moment.
My citabria? Its scale and irl it can fly in the backcountry, so I'd say it can go here
It will be more scale once I add paint
View attachment 217195
View attachment 217196
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and in its current condition: :(
View attachment 217200
that enough?


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yeah but my point is a spit is not supposed to be in this thread
Why not? If someone is goofy enough to put really huge tires on it, Let them document that. Fwiw if you ever watch WW2 brit documentary stuff the fields they launch spits off of ain't smoother than a gravel spit on a river. They bounce enough to be going across the plowed furrows sideways.

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